Boost Pardot (Account Engagement) With These 12 Apps

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Pardot (Account Engagement) has many strengths – from powerful email campaign automation with Engagement Studio, to a close alignment with Sales Cloud. But for some organizations, there will come a point where extending your marketing automation to new channels and tactics is the way forward.

Luckily, there’s a section on the Salesforce AppExchange dedicated to Pardot (Account Engagement) apps! These cover various functionality, including account monitoring, campaign tracking, and data enrichment. Here are some of our highlights…

1. Email Digest for Pardot

This app, created by Sercante, generates a weekly email that summarizes your Pardot Activity – saving you time searching for the metrics! Not only is this a great overview for admins, but it’s useful to share with other interested people in your organization for alignment (i.e Salesforce admin, management, content marketers).

The automated email contains:

  • Email statistics: Including Total Emails Sent, Delivery Rate, Unsubscribes, Spam Complaints, and more.
  • Prospect Activity: Form Submissions, New Prospects, etc.
  • A week-on-week comparison of the statistics above.

2. Vidyard – Video for Salesforce

We all know how powerful video is for making your marketing content stand out in a crowded space. Vidyard is an online video platform for businesses with lead generation and engagement tracking at its core.

It tracks who watches your videos and for how long, and records the information on the Lead/Contact record. One way to use this information was to determine that if they watch a certain % of the video, they’re interested…

Vidyard for Salesforce gives you the power to record, access, share, and personalize video content. It’s an app that’s mostly focused on one-to-one sales to prospect engagement but certainly has a value add for marketers to get excited about. Plus, Vidyard have a component available for the Lightning email builder, which you can drag and drop onto the email canvas.

With the watch data all pumped into Salesforce, you can use standard Salesforce reports and dashboards to see video engagement at a higher level to spot trends:

3. Automated Opportunity Contact Roles

From the same creators as “Email Digest for Pardot”, the team at Sercante (along with every Pardot Consultant in history) got fed up with the mismanagement of Opportunity Contact Roles, so created the Automated Opportunity Contact Roles app.

As you may know, Contact Roles are essential for Campaign Influence reporting because they form a special bridge between Contacts and Opportunities in Salesforce. Without that relationship, you won’t be able to tie marketing spend with won revenue. The issue is that Contact Roles are a pain for users to work with. Getting sales users to add Contact Roles to their Opportunities is enough to aggravate marketers – to them it’s extra admin, to you, it’s what will secure next year’s budget.

This app bridges the gap between contacts and opportunities to unleash native Salesforce Campaign Influence reporting and greater segmentation ability in Pardot – with no historical data requirement.

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4. Traction Complete Leads: Lead to Account Matching & Routing

Who’s had the joy of working with complex lead assignment/account ownership processes? I have, and it’s no fun without the right tools to back you up.

For many organizations, standard Lead Assignment Rules, and Pardot’s other prospect assignment options won’t cut it. Not only does this app from Traction Complete handle Lead to Account matching, but it can also automatically merge duplicate leads, use custom match criteria, and more – all achieved through an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.

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5. Terminus B2B Account-Based Marketing

“Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategic approach that coordinates personalized marketing and sales efforts to open doors and deepen engagement at specific accounts” Engagio

In other words, quality over quantity, starting with a target list of specific accounts (quality), rather than casting the net wide (quantity). It involves investigating who the key influencers are, which technologies they’re using, etc. You can see why ABM is popular in B2B marketing, especially in high-value, long sales cycles – all which can be achieved with the Terminus app.

Image: Terminus

6. 6sense Sales Intelligence

This app scans your database to determine intent to purchase. They boast an 85%+ accuracy when predicting what and when a company will buy through time-sensitive predictive modeling.

How does this benefit marketers? The tool suggests inbound/outbound actions that you can use to drive your marketing campaigns, following an account-based marketing approach, honing in on the prospects that are in-market to buy and the key personas in each account. Plus, you’ll become aligned with the sales teams, with everyone ‘reading from the same page’.

7. Transcend – Privacy Requests Automation

How are you managing privacy and consents in your organization? One thing that GDPR and CCPA have taught us, is that the way an individual’s data privacy needs to be stored is not as simple as a few custom checkbox fields in Salesforce/Pardot. Instead, what’s required is a way for individuals to understand why platforms have captured their data, and how their data is being used.

With Transcend, individuals (prospects and customers) can access a control panel/privacy center which “puts them in the driver’s seat when it comes to their data”:

Both individuals and internal users will benefit, making data rights/requests (such as deleting data) easier for companies to fulfill without forgetting any platforms in their tech stack.

8. Opensense – Email Signatures Tracking

This is a cool add-on that I never knew I needed – until now! How annoying is it to coordinate everyone’s email signatures to include a product or event promotion, and be on the lookout for rogue email signatures that don’t cast your brand in the best light?

Opensense centralizes email signatures and legal disclaimers across all users in the organization. You can keep consistency across one-to-one emails, and dynamically insert these signatures into email campaigns you’re sending from Pardot (Account Engagement) too! The idea is to identify up-sell opportunities based on which email signatures the prospect clicks on.

9. Send360 Direct Mail

Send360 is direct mail provider that hooks into Salesforce to record campaign performance for letters, promotions, SWAG/gift boxes etc.

Direct mail was ditched by most organization in favour of cheaper channels, with easier personalization and logistics, plus more accurate tracking. Using tracked links that prospects type into their devices, you can now match up direct mail with Campaign influence.

10. Enhanced Engagement History

Pardot Business Units are separate databases within a single Pardot (Account Engagement) instance that allow you to partition prospects, campaigns and assets

Nebula’s Enhanced Engagement History is an installable app which allows Pardot Engagement History to be pulled and combined across several Business Units.

11. Campaign Calendar for Salesforce by TaskRay

For marketing leaders that are having to juggle managing a team, campaign planning, resource allocation, assigning tasks and overseeing campaign execution, Campaign Calendar for Salesforce may be your lifesaver. It helps marketers to visualize the timeline of when campaigns are launching by month, quarter, and an annual basis.

It keeps all campaign data in one place, centralizing information to keep the entire team aligned, which can be challenging in today’s fast-paced world as dates and priorities constantly shift. 

12. Business Card Scanners

If your sales teams collect business cards at conferences or meetings, you should consider installing a business card scanning app to take the effort out of data input. There are a few options available:


The beauty of the Pardot (Account Engagement) platform, is that it can be extended to solve the challenges you face in your day-to-day work. From assisting with ABM to enhancing engagement history, these AppExchange apps will help you add functionality to your marketing automation system.

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