State of Salesforce Data Protection 2022

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Your Salesforce data is constantly growing, but how ready are you when it comes to data loss and corruption? Our annual report, the State of SaaS Data Protection, shows that many organizations assume their Salesforce data is protected, which creates a false sense of data security.

To conduct the research, we commissioned Forrester Research to survey 1,350+ business and IT decision makers, as well as influencers of their organization’s SaaS CRM applications from around the world. Here are three key findings about protecting your Salesforce data:

1. Data Loss Is Inevitable

If you work with Salesforce for long enough, at some point you’re likely to encounter an accidentally deleted record or two. In our survey, three out of four respondents of one sample group (those aware of their organization’s responsibilities) suffered a data loss or corruption incident within the last 12 months.

It’s important to remember the vast majority of data loss and corruption issues aren’t tied to major events – simple mistakes happen each and every day!

Here are the three most common causes of data loss reported by respondents:

  • Cyberattacks, such as ransomware.
  • Human error, such as accidentally mass deleting records.
  • Unanticipated consequences of integrating applications.

2. Most Organizations Don’t Fully Salvage Their Data

Data is valuable, but most organizations that suffer CRM data losses rarely recover 100% of their lost or corrupted data. Some organizations took days, or even weeks to recover.

Just imagine what that can mean for your business… Your sales team can’t access their opportunities in Salesforce, or the finance department is missing critical data, or the customer service team is missing account information on existing customers. Whatever the nature of the data loss or corruption, the implications of being without data can be significant.

3. A Proactive Solution Protects Your Organization

The good news: 92% of respondents from organizations that have implemented third-party backup applications report considerable benefits or cost savings from their backup and recovery practices.

A proactive data protection strategy prevents you from losing access to mission-critical SaaS data, so you never have to worry about data loss disrupting your business. A proactive solution can also help your business to optimize your SaaS environments, minimize risks, and boost trust, resilience, and digital innovation.

As a leading data protection platform for Salesforce, OwnBackup provides secure, automated, daily backups and rapid restore of data caused by human errors, malicious intent integration errors, and rogue applications.

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There is a vast amount of data held in your Salesforce, so it is essential to protect it – don’t assume that it’s already protected. To find out more, download our State of SaaS report and learn about why you need to implement a proactive data protection strategy.

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