Start Your Own Salesforce Consultancy [Podcast]

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A few weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised to be approached Xi Xiao of the Salesforce Way site and podcast to join an interview with him. We decided to chat about a topic that hasn’t been covered a huge amount but is always going to be a hot topic in the Salesforce ecosystem as it continues to grow. The topic was on founding and building your own Salesforce Consultancy.

I have a pretty unconventional story in building a Salesforce Consultancy, it wasn’t something I chose to do, it was more a case of being in the right place at the right time! In fact, after deciding to become a Salesforce Consultant and joining a new company, I was given the opportunity 6 months into the new role to lead the growth of a new office. This was pretty daunting and took me massively out of my comfort zone, but as they say, this is the only way to grow. 4 years into this role, it’s taught me a lot and has made my mindset switch from that of a technical consultant to more of a commercial sales leader.

Starting their own business is a natural progression for a lot of Salesforce professionals, and for those in a consultancy profession, the barriers to entry are pretty low. For anyone interested in taking this path, I hope this Podcast interview with Xi gives you some helpful tips in starting this journey for yourself. You can find the podcast here.

I would highly recommend checking out Xi’s other interviews, he is a great interviewer and hosts a lot of famous faces from around the Salesforce ecosystem!

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