Salesforce Freelancing: Running Your Consulting Practice (Ep. 5)

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Considering the freelance work-life but don’t know where to start? This mini-series will show you how to run a Salesforce freelance business, digging into real world discussions of how to start and thrive as a Salesforce freelancer.

Show Notes:

  • How Ankit began his freelancing career.
  • The number of hours per week a freelancer should expect to spend on non-billable administrative and marketing activities (hint: it’s often more than people expect).
  • How freelancers can use project retrospectives to identify areas for professional growth.
  • The importance of being aligned with your clients on values and goals.
  • Why Ankit prefers hourly billing to fixed cost billing.
  • How to determine your hourly rate.
  • How to build a professional development plan as a freelancer.
  • The importance of setting boundaries with clients, and how to do it effectively.


About Your Host

Brian Shea is a Salesforce Architect and self-employed consultant. Read more…

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