Salesforce Freelancing: Marketing Your Consulting Practice To Clients (Ep. 4)

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Considering the freelance work-life but don’t know where to start? This mini-series will show you how to run a Salesforce freelance business, digging into real world discussions of how to start and thrive as a Salesforce freelancer.

This episode features Pamela Slim – author of the books Escape from Cubicle Nation and Body of Work, and an upcoming course called Tiny Marketing Actions that helps freelancers start small and gain traction with their marketing.

As part of this interview, Pam has offered her Consulting Foundations course materials for free. You can get a copy by emailing [email protected].


Show Notes:

  • We kicked off our conversation by talking about why an effective marketing plan starts with a clear definition of your niche and the types of problems you solve for your clients.
  • Why executing your marketing consistently is about developing the right habits. Pam talks about the concept of “tiny marketing actions” and how freelancers can use this concept to develop strong habits and gain traction in their marketing efforts.
  • Even though LinkedIn feels more buttoned up than other social media platforms, it is important to express a clear point of view there. It is not enough to just repeat ideas that have already been well established by others.
  • Why it is important to thoughtfully embrace your values In your marketing and client work. Pam mentioned that working in an environment where there’s a values clash can be like “kryptonite to your superpowers” (that’s a quote from her fellow business coach Charlie Gilkey).
  • She discusses the difference between implementation vs. advisory services, and how it is possible for clients to misunderstand which one you’re delivering.
  • The importance of Identifying internal advocates within client organizations.

….and more!

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  1. Excellent Discussion. Thanks to both the Speaker and Interviewer.

    It was difficult to get the email id, web site etc names as the author spoke a little too quickly. Pls type that info here

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