New & Upcoming Salesforce Certifications for 2021

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If you want to judge how fast the Salesforce Ecosystem is growing, look no further than their certification program.

With all of the new products being released, as well as Salesforce snapping up new companies, there are over 37+ certifications to choose from. Each focusing on a particular product, or discipline. Let’s have a look at some of the newest certifications to be released by Salesforce…


B2C Solution Architect

First up we’ve got the B2C Solution Architect certification that was released at the end of 2020. As an increasing amount of companies go all-in with Salesforce and select multiple clouds to use, it’s more important than ever to have a holistic view across the Salesforce platform.

A Solution Architect’s role is to design and manage these complex implementations. While always keeping a close eye on the business requirements to ensure a successful implementation.

B2B Solution Architect

The most recent addition to Salesforce’s 40+ Certifications is the B2C Solution Architect, which was announced at TrailheaDX 2021.

This is designed for experienced Salesforce professionals that work in the B2B space, architecting solutions for their clients.

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User Experience Designer

Salesforce have added a new role to their selection of career paths, the “Salesforce Designer”, and along with this role, comes the User Experience Designer Certification.

As Salesforce Lightning interface makes it easier than ever to create highly customised user interfaces using declarative functionality, it’s important to have someone who is responsible for the User Experience. This exam covers UX Fundamentals, Human-Centered Design, and other areas that will make Salesforce professional more competent in designing great applications.

OmniStudio Consultant

After the Vlocity acquisition in 2020, Salesforce created “Salesforce Industries”, which builds upon Vlocity’s business to offer Industry-specific solutions.

Salesforce OmniStudio is a powerful set of task-based components including OmniScript, DataRaptor, Integration Procedure, and FlexCards. As a Consultant certification, this is perfect for people who have experience in implementing OmniStudio within Salesforce Industries.

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OmniStudio Developer

If you’re a developer working with OmniStudio, then the OmniStudio Developer could be the ideal certification to take.

This certification will cover both declarative implementations of OmniStudio, as well as extending the functionality using a variety of development languages.

Industries CPQ Developer

The new Industries CPQ Developer certification is perfect for those that have experience in implementing and customising this tool.

You will be expected to have knowledge across the standard functionality such as products, promotions, pricing and rules, as well as customising using Apex & Integrations with API.

Upcoming Certifications

For the past few years we’ve also been looking at some of the rumoured and upcoming Salesforce certifications, to get a flavour for what’s next! There are a few Salesforce certifications that we can expect this year, including…

Business Analyst

Salesforce Business Analysts are often the unsung heroes of the Salesforce world. Quite a lot of the time, Admin’s and Consultants also wear the BA hat, but for larger implementations, dedicated BA’s are a necessity.

Salesforce has championed Business Analysts for a while, and also have a dedicated page for the BA career path on Trailhead. Expect to see a Certification for Business Analysts coming this year, or early next year.

Enterprise Architect

Another certification that has been rumoured for a while, the Enterprise Architect certification has also appeared in a few conversations. This was mentioned as “Coming Soon…” on a previous link, but this has since been removed.


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  1. Hi Ben,
    Thank you for this blog and the many great insights! I have been trying to find out, how does one become a Salesforce Authorised Training Instructor? I have heard that one would need to present to a board in a simulated or practice-teach classroom setting, but are their any steps or guidelines to get to this point, i.e., requirements, who to contact in Salesforce to set this up, materials and resources to muse on while preparing?

    What will be your advice?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Ola, this is something our team are working on getting a guide up on the blog for. Thanks for your suggestion!

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