New Salesforce Certifications for 2020

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Back when I started my Salesforce journey in 2012 there were around 8 certifications that you could achieve. I remember being massively motivated by the superstars that had acquired nearly all of these, it was a great reminder of what was possible with hard work.

Nowadays, however, there are around 35+ Salesforce certifications out there! This is mainly due to the acquisition and release of new products, including the Architect route which includes 8 certifications.


With each year that goes past, Salesforce is releasing more certifications than ever before, and if you’re like most Trailblazers, you just have an urge to “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”.

Here are some of the latest Salesforce certifications that have been released in the latter half of 2019, and new in 2020. This post will also include some certifications that so far haven’t been officially announced…

Marketing Cloud Admin

After the Exacttarget acquisition back in 2013, Marketing Cloud has slowly become a popular addition to the core Salesforce suite of products. As the name suggests this certification is designed for users and admins of Marketing Cloud. They should have knowledge of the features available to end users, configuration options available, and also should be able to respond to common business requirements in line with best practices.

Find our coverage here, and how it fits into the Marketing certification pathways.

Heroku Architecture Designer

Heroku is a Salesforce product you might not be familiar with – it’s a PaaS platform for developers to build, run, and operate cloud applications on. This architect level Certification is for individuals who have the knowledge, skills, and experience on architecting, deploying, and managing Apps on Heroku.

Education Cloud Consultant

The Education Cloud is designed for Higher Education to manage the process of recruiting students, all the way through to managing Alumni. This consultant level certification is designed for individuals that have experience in successfully designing and implementing Education Cloud solutions.

B2C Commerce Cloud Developer

The B2C Commerce Cloud came from the acquisition of Demandware in 2016, and enables enterprise-level cloud eCommerce solutions. This developer-level certification is designed for individuals that have experience in Salesforce B2C Commerce Digital, across many different types of features, including, API’s, Javascript, Architecture, and optimising for site performance.

Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Administrator

The B2B Commerce Cloud came from the acquisition of CloudCraze in 2018, and similarly to the B2C Commerce Cloud, enables commerce experiences for B2B companies. Although this certification has been around for a while, it’s not featured on the Trailhead Certification home page but is available to be taken from WebAssessor. This certification is designed for individuals that have experience in Administration on the B2B Commerce Cloud.

Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Developer

Similarly to the B2B Commerce Administrator, this certification is not advertised on the Trailhead certification home page but is available on WebAssessor. This certification is designed for individuals that have experience in Developing on the B2B Commerce Cloud.

Coming Soon…

JavaScript Developer I

Recently, Salesforce put out requests for Beta testers for the new JavaScript Developer I Certification, this is also confirmed on WebAssessor. Without any official announcements being made, we can assume that this certification has been created for the new breed of Lightning Developers. With the Lightning Experience largely based on JavaScript, a new skillset has been required in order to create amazing experiences on the new UI. I personally think this is a fantastic way for these skilled developers to be recognised, as well as professionals who want to become fluent in this language.

Solution Architect

There has been some talk around the community that a Salesforce Solution Architect certification is on its way in 2020…watch this space!


As we recently noticed on a form hosted by Salesforce (see below), Datorama has a bunch of certifications that can be achieved. Currently, these Certifications are only accessible by Datorama users, and as such, are separate from the current Salesforce certification program. We will have to see if they are brought into the program in the future…

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    I’ve heard chatter but nothing official that the Solutions Architect will have a prerequisite of Admin + (MC Admin OR Commerce Cloud Dev)

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