New Salesforce Certification Released: JavaScript Developer I

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Since Salesforce released the Lightning Experience, it’s become possible to build amazing looking Apps that can perform a huge variety of tasks. Admins have been given more power than ever to create beautiful pages for their objects, with a completely customized experience for each individual user.

The same is true for developers, never before have Salesforce developers had so much potential to build Apps that go way beyond the declarative functionality that Salesforce provides. This has all been enabled through Lightning & Lightning Web Components, which uses a JavaScript framework.

JavaScript – The New Visualforce

I can tell you from personal experience, the demand for Salesforce Developers has never been higher, but Salesforce JavaScript development skills, in particular, are in huge shortage.

With all greenfield implementations being completed in Lightning, and slowly the last remaining customers on Classic are being migrated over, Salesforce customers see the potential of Lightning Components, and they want to take advantage of it.

Using a more commonly used language such as JavaScript wasn’t an accident, Salesforce wanted to create a platform that enabled developers from other industries to transition over into Salesforce. But to transition over a JavaScript developer needs to learn about core Salesforce concepts, as well as the Lightning Design system. This is exactly what the new JavaScript Developer I certification is for…

JavaScript Developer I Certification

The JavaScript Developer I Certification has just been announced, and fills a big gap in Salesforce’s certification list. This certification is for Salesforce Developers looking to prove their knowledge of Lightning, but also new entrants into the world of Salesforce that can show they have the skills that matter. The certification is split into two sections, and is compromised of a standard Salesforce 60 question multiple choice exam, as well as a super badge (Similar to the Platform Developer II certification).

Part 1 – Exam

Interestingly enough, the multiple-choice part of the JavaScript Developer I exam, isn’t aimed at Salesforce professionals. The exam is aimed at professionals that use JavaScript in one or more frameworks to develope front-end and/or back-end applications. I can’t think of another Salesforce exam that doesn’t require Salesforce experience. This is really a testament to Salesforce’s dedication to providing a great career path for developers from other industries.

They have listed the following roles for people who will be suitable for this exam: Javascript programmer, Salesforce developer, Full stack developer, web application developer, and more…

– Price: $200 ($100 retake)

– Years Experience – 1-2 years

– Passing Score – 65%

Part 2 – Superbadge

While the Exam doesn’t require Salesforce development experience, the Superbadge is designed to test a JavaScript developer’s hands-on skills. Trailhead Superbadges are designed to rigorously test your technical skills and knowledge through a large scenario-based test, requiring you to perform tasks of which Trailhead will verify.

The badge in question is the Lightning Web Components Specialist, which takes approximately 12 hours to complete.

Final Thoughts

I think this certification is a fantastic way not only for current Salesforce developers to prove their newly learned skills, but also for seasoned JavaScript developers to move into an industry that desperately needs their skills. It will be interesting to see over the following months/years, how many Trailblazers from other industries we see move over to Salesforce, and if this half JavaScript, half Salesforce certification actually works.

Of course, there are so many more resources to get started learning Salesforce for a JavaScript developer, and Trailhead has to be your go-to resource, including this fantastic “Developer for Lightning Experience” trail.

Happy coding!

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