New Salesforce Certification – B2B Solution Architect!

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It’s official – Salesforce is releasing the Salesforce B2B Solution Architect Certification, announced earlier today at the TrailheaDX event. As critical liaisons between business and technology, a B2B Solution Architect should have functional or technical experience with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Revenue Cloud, Field Service, B2B Commerce and Marketing Cloud – plus other expertise, such as ERP integrations.

In other words – a Salesforce B2B Solution Architect designs multi-cloud solutions on the Salesforce Platform that power personalized, frictionless B2B customer experiences that maximize business value. Check out the Architect Careers page to learn more about the various architect career paths.

The Salesforce Solution Architect learning journeys are exceptional – made for architects, by architects, with a good deal of passion thrown into the mix. Salesforce has made this curriculum available to Partner Trailblazers in the Partner Learning Camp, and Salesforce also included this content across Architect Trailmixes on Trailhead. The program takes a new approach to enablement, driven by “delivery and implementation guidance and best practices”. In fact, this new vision for Salesforce credentials extends company-wide, the first of many future certifications rolled-out in this way.

Instead of focusing on specific products, B2B SAs will study use cases such as “Cart to Quote”, “Field Service Lifecycle”, “Asset Lifecycle Management”, which span multiple Salesforce products.

Following the Salesforce B2C Solution Architect Certification launch at the tail-end of 2020, no doubt many Trailblazers were wondering why the B2B equivalent hadn’t made an appearance.

I recently connected with the Architect Success Program team to find out more about the highly anticipated B2B Solution Architect certification and get some of our key questions answered.

P.S. if you’re wondering what a Solution Architect does, then check out this overview written by a successful SA.

What does the B2B Solution Architect exam cover?

As mentioned before, the Salesforce B2B Solution Architect Certification helps empower architects to drive multi-cloud solutions that deliver business value for the customer including functional or technical experience with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Revenue Cloud, Field Service, B2B Commerce and Marketing Cloud – plus other expertise, such as ERP integrations.

Why is there a B2B and B2C split? This post explains why!

Are there any prerequisites?

Yes, you must hold the Application Architect certification.

There are four certifications that you need in order to achieve Application Architect, and therefore, pursue B2B Solution Architect.

  • Data Architecture and Management Designer,
  • Sharing and Visibility Designer,
  • Platform Developer I,
  • Platform App Builder.

Data Architecture and Management Designer

  • For the designer who assesses the architecture environment/requirements and designs sound, scalable and performant solutions on the Customer 360 platform.

More information.

Sharing and Visibility Designer

  • For the designer who assesses the architecture environment/requirements and designs sound, scalable, and high-performing technical solutions on the Salesforce Platform that meet sharing and visibility security requirements.

More information.

Platform Developer I

  • The baseline credential for any Salesforce Developer. Showcase your knowledge on fundamental programmatic capabilities – in other words, building applications on the Lightning Platform with code.

More information.

Platform App Builder Certification

  • Data modeling best practices and application building know-how to create a Single View of the Customer supported by multiple clouds.

More information.

Note! it’s not necessary to achieve the prerequisites in a particular order – just as long as you have them, you will be able to go for B2B Solution Architect.

Where does the new B2B Solution Architect Certification sit in the pyramid?

The Solution Architect credentials have their own pyramid to visualise the path to achieve them:

If you have investigated the Architect career path, in the past, no doubt you will be familiar with the Salesforce Architect Certification Pyramid. We’ve included it below as a refresher:

Where does the new B2C and B2B Solution Architect certifications show up? What you see above is now labeled the ‘Salesforce Certified Technical Architect Certification Pyramid (CTA)’. As the Architect Success team explains, the decision to separate the two pyramids comes down to depth vs. breadth:

“when you think about certifications in the pyramid, they tend to be specific to the Salesforce Platform as a domain. The new Solution Architect certifications have a multi-cloud focus. They don’t go as deep as the domain certifications — but they go wide, because they span multiple products and clouds.”

How can I prepare for the B2B Solution Architect Certification?

Interested? There are resources you can check out. The Trailhead exam guide gives an overview of the certification, including the outline of the exam content. We have our own guide that shares how you can take the first steps on the Solution Architect enablement pathways.

3 thoughts on “New Salesforce Certification – B2B Solution Architect!

  1. Great post! the ‘architect’ role is getting bit expansive in Salesforce recently due to the many acquisitions. The B2B Solution Architect sounds no different of Application Architect path though so what is the value of getting B2B Solution Architect certified when you are already Application Architect certified and have covered the same body of knowledge anyways? just a thought.

  2. Any thoughts on best path forward through the prerequisite certifications? Obviously Platform App Builder starts it. I’m thinking Platform Developer I next, but are the other three independent enough that they don’t build off each other? Thoughts?

    1. I did ask a few people when I was thinking about this for myself…The general feedback was that there is quite a bit of overlap between Data Architecture and Management Designer and Sharing and Visibility Designer. Most people suggested doing Sharing and Visibility Designer first as it contained a lot of useful information about Data Architecture and Management Designer.

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