iOS 14 Widgets for Salesforce: Supercharge Your Mobile Productivity

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Apple’s iOS 14 release will include widgets on your mobile home screen that have been redesigned to feature more information at a glance.

The Salesforce mobile development team have been building some amazing iOS 14 widgets to supercharge your Salesforce productivity on mobile. In this article, we’ll take a look at the widgets lined up for release.

Above: example generic iOS widgets.

Apple’s next release (iOS 14) that some sources predict will arrive between 14th-18th September, includes redesigned home screen widgets. Not only will users be able to view more information at a glance, you can change the size, positioning, and also add ’Smart Stacks’ – intelligently curated widgets that display the correct content for you, depending on what you tend to utilise at that specific time of the day.

Salesforce have jumped on to this opportunity to launch the first home screen widgets for the Salesforce Mobile App in time for the iOS 14 launch. Here’s an overview of the 5 widgets that are lined up for release.

Report Summary Widget for iOS

A mobile widget for reports is a good option, as users frequently need information, on demand – and all the better if they don’t need to launch the mobile app for those updates.

“Imagine you’re a sales manager”, Victor Oliveros, Product Lead for the Salesforce Mobile App, says, “it’s an important part of my job to stay up to date with my team’s pipeline. This widget allows me to see the most important data in a report. I can see the total pipeline amount, the number of opportunities in the pipeline, and whether our business is trending up, or down”

Above: search and add a home screen widget

Other New Widgets for iOS

    • Accounts Summary Widget: “See the most important information about your accounts”, including leads, contacts, opportunities, cases, activities, and tasks.
    • Suggested Actions Widget: “Take action from your home screen”, such as creating a new note or task following a sales meeting event.
    • Quick Navigation Widget: “Users will be able to jump directly into your favourite Salesforce objects and pages”
    • Dashboards Widget

See for yourself in Victor Oliveros’ demo overview video:

GAME CHANGER: iOS 14 widgets for Salesforce from Victor Oliveros on Vimeo.

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  1. This is certainly good one. However, I see Salesforce ignores Android operating system all the time. Their new apps like Trailhead Go, Salesforce Anywhere are not available for Android.
    Even Android has widgets since its beginning, but they never developed anything for android.

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