How to Connect Salesforce to Google Ads

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Salesforce and Google Ads are two tools that are a staple of any marketer’s technology stack. Google Ads provides the world’s largest advertising platform, being able to reach anyone with an internet connection, and Salesforce is the world’s most popular CRM system to track your prospects and customers.

These two companies have created best in breed solutions, but if you are using both, you will know how hard it is to integrate the systems to produce the analytics you need. Without connecting the dots between your marketing and CRM data, you cannot fully optimize your campaigns. Let’s look into why this is important…


Why Connect Salesforce to Google Ads?

If you are using Salesforce & Google Ads, you will most likely be generating a portion of your leads through advertisement on Google. This will flow through to your website where a customer will fill in a form, which, if properly integrated, should appear in your Leads object in Salesforce.

If you have this kind of setup, it’s already pretty slick, and you can effortlessly get customer inquiries for your product or service. But how do you understand which campaigns are the top performers? Which campaigns are bringing the most customers, and therefore where should you be spending your money? How do you see your ROI from Marketing spend?

These answers are impossible to answer without connecting your Salesforce Lead & Opportunity data, with Google Ads. You will be able to see information such as…

  • Your cost per Lead
  • Your cost per Opportunity
  • ROI = What is your Closed Won revenue Vs Your cost to get those Opportunities (Ad word spend)
  • Most profitable keywords and campaigns

By unlocking this basic but very important information, you are able to optimize and adjust your marketing campaigns to ensure you are spending money on the most profitable channels.

The Solution –

Previously, the only real way to get this kind of data was to block a few hours out of your calendar, sit down with Excel and 100’s of rows of data and start remembering how to do VLookups again! After speaking to many companies, this is, unfortunately, the reality of a lot of Marketers.

In order to alleviate this, we have created a solution that saves Marketers hours out of their days in order to spend more time on revenue generating activities instead of data manipulation. The App is called

Nymble connects Salesforce & Google Ads, surfacing those key insights you need in order to maximise your marketing spend. At a glance, these are Nymble’s key features…

  • Setup in 5 minutes by connecting Salesforce & Google Ads using the connector.
  • As soon as the first deal closes, see relevant statistics such as cost per lead, opp, and the overall ROI.
  • Feed Google Ads data back into Salesforce in order to create Reports & Dashboards
  • Analyse your data right down to the Keyword, allowing you to maximise your most profitable channels.

7 thoughts on “How to Connect Salesforce to Google Ads

  1. Very interesting, I faced a similar situation recently where the GA fields were not populated. The issue came from the javascript connected to the google analytics piece of code.

  2. There is also one Salesforce managed package “ANU Ads Audience Connector” which can integrate with advertising networks like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Tencent Ads, OceanEngine Ads. It can send salesforce leads/contacts to advertising networks to create custom audiences. Companies could then use these custom audiences to create targeted advertisement, create lookalike audience, exclude existing customers from acquisition campaigns.

    1. Hi Fares, It sure is possible to connect multiple ads accounts with one salesforce instance. Let me know if you would like to discuss the app further

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