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Have you heard of HEDA?

It’s the Higher Education packaged solution from salesforce.org to help universities onboard onto Salesforce at the speed of light, it is relatively new only launched last year and it’s free open source.

HEDA is actually built in collaboration with customers and partners, so let’s call it a ‘community-driven’ data architecture designed to configure a Salesforce for Higher Education businesses.

Nicole Engelbert, Director of Research and Analysis at Ovum Technologies said: “There are many challenges the Higher Education industry is facing, and HEDA is another example of Salesforce.org’s commitment to solving these issues in a collaborative way (…) With HEDA as a foundation, universities can change the campus experience by connecting with students in innovative ways at every stage of the student journey.

What does the ‘pack’ contain?

Objects like courses and terms, course offerings, grades, connecting to faculty members, academic programs, financial aid, donation history etc. The goal is enable a 360 degree view of students as a core of the CRM.

Every student has a contact record and can have multiple relationships to other individuals like family members or academic advisors as well to having multiple affiliations to entities like household, high school etc

A Course is a sort of master item to run in various semesters when a Term is how to group period of time you can decide whether is related to an account or departments. A Course Offering is the running of the course, a way to connect the course and term, and a Course Connection relates the contact and the course offering. You have available Academic Programs and via Program Enrolment so you can see which courses are related to that program for that particular student.

The HEDA pack has objects and functionality designed to represent the students and university relationships, other items in relation to the vertical or let’s call it Higher Education Ecosystem you can extend on this foundation for example fundraising, housing, events, facilities, etc

The advantage for it being in salesforce is that you can customize endlessly to support your own specific processes to connecting externally, for example with your payment system. As well to taking all this data to the next step like marketing automation for corporate relations, events management, outreach based on program, on boarding journeys … Including of course to extend all the objects that comes in the HEDA pack itself, from adding attributes to automation, reports etc endless possibilities!

Do you want to learn more? Have a look at Trailhead where you have of course a trail available on Manage your Higher Ed data with HEDA as well to the full HEDA Documentation.

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