Free Salesforce Training for Indian Professionals

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India has one of the biggest and most active Salesforce communities in the world. In fact, around 20% of the traffic to comes from India!

To further support the thriving community, Salesforce has launched the Journey to Salesforce program. This supports non-Salesforce professionals who want to switch to a career in Salesforce. While Salesforce already offers Trailhead as a great platform to learn, the Journey to Salesforce program also includes mentorship, the ability to network with employers, and potential prizes!

Journey to Salesforce

Getting a job in the Salesforce ecosystem is easy in theory. Start learning on Trailhead, get certified, get a job. Unfortunately, the reality is a bit different. For someone who doesn’t have guidance on how to get a job, it can be tough going out into the world, trying to secure a full-time position.

The Journey to Salesforce program is designed to combat this, it’s built to be a pathway to the Salesforce ecosystem.

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What’s included?

The Journey to Salesforce program is based around four main themes…

Trailhead – Firstly, Salesforce has designed a series of learning modules using Trailhead that will skill up non-Salesforce professionals. These also have introduction modules that talk through the Journey to Salesforce program.

Mentorship – Salesforce is actively reaching out to members of the Indian Salesforce community to become mentors for the trainees. This is included with the program and is facilitated through the message app Telegram.

Community – As well as Mentorship, there is a bunch of activities organized to support job seekers. These activities include workshops, career advice sessions, as well as mock exams that are organized by the local Salesforce community.

Employers – Perhaps the most important part of this program, is the ability to network with Salesforce Partners. These partners have a close relationship with Salesforce, who let them know about job openings once a month. Journey to Salesforce members are then invited to apply to these jobs.

Sign me up!

If you’re a non-Salesforce professional, and excited about the possibility of growing your career in the Salesforce Ecosystem, then this program is a way to fast-track your success. To be eligable to join the program, you must meet the following criteria…

  • You must be a resident of India
  • You must have prior work experience
  • You must not have used Salesforce products or services in a professional capacity

You can find out more detail about the program, as well as read some amazing success stories here.

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