Feedback is Now Provided on Salesforce Certification Exams!

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If you are an avid member of the Salesforce Community who is addicted to certifications (like most of us), then I have some amazing news for you. Salesforce University have started providing section level feedback on completion of the exam, this means you can see exactly how you did in each category of questions.  As most of you reading this will famously know, SalesforceU have never provided any feedback on completion of an exam. You are only presented with that dreaded screen that shows you a Pass or Fail.

I’ve heard various rumours about this change but had not seen any proof until yesterday when reddit user /u/TheToolMan posted on the Salesforce subreddit. He posted an email he got before hand detailing that from the 13th January section level feedback will be provided on most multiple choice exams, the exam statement reads..

“Beginning January 13, 2017, for most multiple-choice certification exams, feedback on each section of the exam is available. This Section-level Feedback will be delivered to you via email along with your overall pass or fail result. The feedback will be in the form of percentage scores to help you determine your strengths and weaknesses on each section of knowledge covered in the exam.”

This is simply fantastic for anyone that has ever felt frustrated at failing an exam and getting no feedback at the end of it. I’m hoping that with this change it will motivate more people that may have had some bad luck in the past.

Below you can see the type of email that you will receive if you fail or successfully pass the exam. Salesforce also have created a Knowledge base article if you would like more information around this new feature.

Pre-test Email

Post-test Email

8 thoughts on “Feedback is Now Provided on Salesforce Certification Exams!

  1. This is extremely helpful und was my biggest concern regarding certifications. Great that the Aloha spirit is now also in the certifications available

  2. It is helpful, but they could go a lot further. Apart from studying that section further, you don’t know which one you got right and wrong. – resulting in potentially overthinking an already hard exam.

    When you did exams at school at least the teacher would go over your wrong answers so you could see how and where you went wrong and learn from it.

    There also doesn’t seem to be any consideration of learning difficulties. (Anxiety and so)

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