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At the end of last month, Salesforce released the Commerce Cloud Shopping report:

This report analyzes the activity of more than 500 million shoppers worldwide to identify trends and changes in shopping activity. It represents the truest picture of shopping today.

They actually run this report on quarterly basis.

As we can see in the above url and learnt from Sana’s post, the Commerce Cloud came from the DemandWare acquisition from Salesforce mid last year.

As part of the Customer Success Platform, retail brands on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud can transform how they connect with their customers at every step: from discovery, engagement, and transaction, to analytics, community and service. (Let’s not forget in-store as a channel)

As Jeff Barnett, Commerce Cloud CEO, rightly said: “The connected consumer is transforming commerce, creating new opportunities for brands to make the entire commerce experience smarter, more personal and engaging,“.

Last Shopping Index Report (Q4 2016) highlights some very interesting findings:

– Mobile rapid rate: Phone devices captured growth of 52% of all traffic and 30% of orders. Across each quarter from last year, mobile takes the lead with the greatest growth.

– Social as traffic channel: Accounting for 4% of all traffic and 5% of mobile traffic, which has been steadily increasing over the four quarters in 2016.

– Digital commerce keeps growing: An 11% increase in traffic, coupled with a soaring 8% lift in shopper spend per visit, made this the most balanced growth over the past three years.

– Active Apparel: Being the biggest vertical with 55% of growth, on the other side of the coin Luxury Apparel with -7%. – iOS vs Android iOS is still dominating growth from 65% vs 34% in order share and 63% vs 36% in traffic share.

The head of consumer insights at Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Rick Kenney, explained that mobile growth continues, thanks to shopper adoption and purchases conversion increased on visits, which is directly related to enhanced user experience via optimized screens and things such as Apple Pay.

So, if you are to increase your marketing efforts and budget, this years’ trends say that social and mobile are best bets, and this statement in my opinion does not only apply to Commerce.

To stay competitive in this rapidly changing landscape, brands need a platform that allows them to engage directly with shoppers on any channel and deliver a personalized experience throughout the customer lifecycle.

With my Agile hat on I’ll finish by saying: We have to ‘inspect & adapt’ more quickly and deal with greater uncertainty, only learning organizations will keep up with the future.

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