Check Out These 6 Different Types of Salesforce Events

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While it is mostly known as a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Salesforce helps professionals and end-users in many more ways. The best example of this being the Salesforce events that are held throughout the year and in different locations. What is the benefit of attending the Salesforce events? It is an opportunity to engage in meaningful socializing, which is vital to create networks.

Networking can help both professionals and companies to be more productive. In 2016, 63.4% of social sellers reported an increase in their company’s revenue compared to only 41.2% of non-social sellers, which goes on to show that having a social mindset is good not just for the career of a professional, but also for their company’s bottom line.

Whether you are a salesperson, a consultant, a partner, or an end-user, Salesforce provides you with the perfect opportunity to exercise your social skills and this opportunity is presented in the shape of Salesforce events.  These include connection events, world tour events, essential events, community events and Dreamforce.

Following is each type of event explained briefly:


Held in downtown San Francisco, Dreamforce brings together thousands of IT professionals, thought leaders, and industry pioneers. Dreamforce 2018 held in September this year was spread across a range of venues and was made up of over two thousand seven hundred sessions, which included keynotes, certification, training, and breakouts. There are several reasons to attend the Dreamforce event in 2019 including:

    • Ground-breaking sessions that will help you identify success routes
    • Plenty of opportunities to network to build connection and exchange best practices
    • The opportunity to speak to industry experts and gain access to their knowledge and insightful vision
    • Opportunity to explore multiple innovative products from different exhibitors

World Tour Events

One of the best ways to get acquainted with Salesforce is attending one of its world tour events. The world tour events provide a real opportunity to delve into the heart of the Salesforce ecosystem and get access to top speakers, industry sessions, keynotes and more. The best part is that anyone can attend the event and there’s no registration fee.

World tour events take place all over the world and no matter where in the world one attends the event, the Salesforce world tour is useful for the following reasons:

Networking with Hundreds of people—World tour events are the best place to network with other people in the Salesforce community and build new relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Finding What You Need—The world tour event provides a real opportunity to find a new partner, a new solution, or a new app that you may need to progress to the next stage in your business and/or career.

The Keynote Address—The keynote address can empower people to transform their lives and careers. This is applicable to businesses as well.

Upcoming Salesforce world tour events include the world tour events to be held in November and December in Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Tokyo, and New York City.


While most Salesforce events have a blended mix of experiences for all backgrounds within the Salesforce ecosystem, TrailheaDX focuses on Admin & Developers. The whole conference is based on learning new skills, new products, and diving into more advanced content. Set across 2 days, this years TrailheaDX was based in San Francisco in March. You can expect to network with fellow Admins & Developers, as well as Salesforce engineers and product leaders. Here are some of the coolest aspects of this conference…

150+ Sessions – Expect to find more sessions geared towards hands-on demos surrounding clicks AND code

Free Certification Vouchers – Included in your registration price this year was two free certifications to help you reach your goals sooner

Maximum Learning – The entire conference is based around learning and increasing the skillset of Developers & Admins.

Sign up to get informed when tickets go on sale in 2019!

Salesforce Connections

One of the best places to build relationships and find new partners in digital marketing, commerce and customer service, connection events provide professionals with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn how to deliver customer service that drives growth and exceeds customer expectations.

If leveraged appropriately, Salesforce connection events can provide professionals with the insights they need to engage with customers in new and meaningful ways.

To stay at the forefront of today’s customer-focused revolution, leaders across industries are turning to Salesforce and their partners. The connection events provide the Salesforce partners with a great opportunity to engage 1 on 1 with industry leaders to learn from them and use that knowledge to improve customer service and sales.

Community Events

Led by the community, these events are the perfect opportunity to connect, learn, and get inspired by your peers. Put together by people in the Salesforce ecosystem, community events come in all shapes and sizes—it could be a two-day conference or an event that mixes a love of beer with a love of Salesforce.

These events take place all over the world and throughout the year. Some of the well-known Salesforce community events include London’s Calling, Midwest Dreamin’, French Touch Dreamin’, Forcelandia, InspireEast, and PhillyForce.

Basecamp Events

Attended by hundreds of guests, basecamp events provide the perfect keynote and breakout room sessions. These events cover all the latest innovations for different industries, departments and roles in an organization to optimize the transformation journey of a business or salesforce. The events are held throughout the year and at different locations. Basecamp events are usually similar in content to the World Tour events, but on a smaller scale.

Now that you are well-acquainted with the different types of Salesforce events, sign up and get learning!

7 thoughts on “Check Out These 6 Different Types of Salesforce Events

  1. I would mention TrailheadDX as well for the developers in the audience, amazing event with fewer booth babes than DF and no marketing people!

  2. I was **JUST** looking for something that described all these events. What I appreciate about SF is the intentional face-to-face time spent with other users, with those who work for the company – and those partners. Sure, there’s a real marketing component, and all the cards are on the table.

  3. Ah Ben,

    You omitted TrailheaDX, their annual developer’s converence. Similar to Dreamforce, but shorter and entirely focused on sessions and events of interest to Salesforce developers (both in code and point-click). Many feel that because it’s smaller in scope and less overwhelming than Dreamforce, it captures what Dreamforce was originally. It’s also held mostly at Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco, generally at the end of May. In 2019, the dates are May 29th and 30th.

  4. And don’t forget Downunder Dreaming Sydney – it Rocked. I presented a session at the Sydney Cricket Ground in the Richie Benaud Room in the Members Pavilion. 40 minutes of keeping my fingers crossed that the Salesforce gods would look after my live demo – they did or perhaps it was the cricket gods… Twas an honour either way…

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