30+ Salesforce Events 2019 – USA & Canada

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There are many Salesforce-focused events all over the globe. 2019 brings along 30+ North America-based events (that we know of), hosted either by Salesforce or by a local community group of Salesforce professionals – from huge conferences like Dreamforce to smaller community gatherings. All have one thing in common, no matter their size or shape, they are a great gateway to learn more about Salesforce and connect with fellow users. If you would like to see the range of European events, check out this post here.

Completely new to Salesforce events? To get familiar with the different types, take a look at our article here.


Here are our top picks for 2019:

Community events

Community-led annual events are more like a family gathering. Coming in all shapes and sizes, they are organized across the globe. You will find Salesforce ISV’s, non-profits organizations, user group leaders and MVPs who bring the community together.

Size: 100+ – 1000+ attendees

Snowforce | March 20–22 | Salt Lake City, UT

Southeast Dreamin’ | March 21-22 | Atlanta, GA

Phillyforce | May 6 | Philadelphia, PA

Texas Dreamin’  | June 13–14 | Austin, TX

Banff Dreamin’  | June 14 | Banff, Canada

NorCal Dreamin’ | June 27–28 | Sacramento, CA

True North Dreamin’ | July 11–12 | Ottawa, Canada

Big Sky Dreamin’ | July 18-19 | Bozeman, MO

Witness success | July 26–27 | Nashville, TN

Forcelandia | July 31–August 01 | Portland, OR

Midwest Dreamin’ | August 7–9 | Chicago, IL

Florida Dreamin’ | September 12 –13 | Orlando, FL

Northeast Dreamin’ | September 16–17 | Manchester, NH


Basecamp events are also held throughout the year in different locations. Hundreds of attendees meet to keep track of the latest Salesforce technology and innovations. This is where you go to sharpen your skills on doing business with Salesforce thanks to quality breakout sessions and the keynote.

Size: 200+ – 1500+ attendees

Basecamp Columbus, OH | March 13

Basecamp Chicago, IL | March 14

Basecamp for IT Phoenix, AZ | March 19

Basecamp for Sales Philadelphia, PA | March 19

Basecamp Portland, OR |March 21

Basecamp for Service L.A., CA | April 10

Basecamp Dallas, TX | April 11

Basecamp for Service Atlanta, GA | April 16

Basecamp Austin, TX | April 16

World Tours

If you want to become a part of the Salesforce community, world tour events are perfect to start off with. Not only is it free of charge, but you get access to top speakers, industry sessions, you get to meet renowned partners showcasing their solutions at the expo, and much more. This event of such a big scale comes to its attendees in various cities, annually.

Size: 5,000+ – 20,000+

World Tour Boston, MA | April 3

World Tour Toronto, Canada | April 11

World Tour New York | May 7

World Tour Washington D.C. | May 14

World Tour New York | December 18

Big Events!

These are the massive super popular events driven by visitors from all the continents.

Higher Ed Summit | April 16 | Washington, D.C.
A great place to meet for all changemakers. Higher Ed Summit is more of a community tradition than just a regular conference. The 7th edition of an inspiring event where education, innovation and community come together.

TrailheaDX | May 29 – 30 | San Francisco, CA
TrailheadDX focuses on Admins & Developers. 2-day learning within 150+ sessions is simply a must-attend event for every Salesforce admin and developer.

Connections | June 17 -19| Chicago, IL
Salesforce Connections provide the best insights you’d need to engage with the customer in meaningful ways. Here, you can easily find new partners in digital marketing, commerce and customer service.

Dreamforce | November 19 – 22| San Francisco, CA
If you could tell which event is “one-of-a-kind”, it would definitely be Dreamforce. During Dreamforce, all of San Francisco turns into a city of Salesforce fans. Thousands of sessions and attendees, and exhibitors. An event dedicated to industry experts, innovators and anyone who is involved with Salesforce in one way or another.

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