Salesforce+Certified+Advanced+Administrator (1)The Advanced Administrator exam is designed to test your Salesforce knowledge and is designed for experienced Administrators. Give this 20 question Quiz a go to see if you can beat the Salesforce pass mark of 65%. If you need some revision guidance before you take the quiz, why not try my Advanced Administrator Guide & Tips.


Salesforce Advanced Administrator Quiz

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10 thoughts on “Certified Advanced Administrator Quiz

  1. Jennifer Wisner


    Can you please explain this question: SFB Consulting have set their Sales users profiles to read only on cases. But they have recently created a sharing rule that grants all sales users write access. What is true about the sales users level of access?
    1. They can only edit cases if they are the owner of the account
    2. They cannot edit cases
    3. They can only edit cases if they are the owner of the case
    4. They can edit cases
    Answer is “They cannot edit cases”


    1. Hi Jennifer,

      When dealing with permissions and sharing, the most restrictive permission wins. Because the sales profile has read-only, creating a sharing rule will not enable them to edit cases.

      Hope this helps!

  2. question on “when opportunity reaches certain amount, then a new fields need to be available” answer includes field update… what field is being updated in this scenario… having hard time understanding this… can you please explain? Thank you.

  3. I took the quiz twice. First time around for the question:

    What can Delegated Administrators NOT do?

    I chose, “Create Profiles.” It was marked as wrong and said that “Log In as Another User” was correct. Second time around, I chose “Log in as Another User”, it said “Create Profiles” was correct.

    What is the actual correct answer?

  4. For the question “A custom object called Deliveries is created with a Master-detail relationship to Opportunities. Which report type is created?”, it’s a bit vague as to which object is the Master.

  5. Ben,

    For the Question: SFB Industries needs to use two Custom Objects, Shipments & Shipment items. Every time a Shipment item is marked as packed, it needs to trigger a field update on the master shipment record. What kind of relationship and feature needs to be present for this to work?

    The cross object formula field works when you want to get a value from master to the child and not the other way around. Can you please check and confirm.

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