Top 10 Pardot Life Hacks Episodes of All-time

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If you’re looking for a Pardot podcast, you don’t need to look any further than Pardot Life Hacks. This podcast is for all Salesforce Trailblazers to get the most out of Pardot, exploring Pardot marketing automation features and use cases. Plus, you can hear interviews from Salesforce Marketing Champions and other thought leaders.

After running for 2 years, we were curious about which topics caught the attention of Pardot marketers. After crunching the numbers, this is what we found:

#10 The Do’s and Don’ts of Lead Management

Guest, Erick Mahle, Enterprise Solution Architect at fullOpp, shares his wisdom and stories of how marketing operations teams can handle or not handle the lead object, meaning to skip it entirely.

Mahle shares great examples for when the Lead Object may not even be necessary for a business and the other ways that teams can handle that hand-off process from marketing to sales. This episode touches on marketing and sales alignment and how Pardot users should work with their Salesforce Administrators to get aligned on how current business processes are handled with the technology. A great one to accompany the Salesforce Object Series, check it out for expertise to help your team continue to refine their lead to revenue processes.

#9 From Marketer to Consultant

Marketers that start to find themselves as the Pardot Power User at their company can often wonder what it would be like to make the switch to the consultant life and help other businesses with their platform instance.

This episode shares the experience of Salesforce Marketing Champion, Morgan Wiedmann, Business Consultant l Marketing Strategist at Cheshire Impact, and how she made the transition. Wiedmann shares inspirational encouragement, advice for how marketers can get into the Salesforce ecosystem and how they can get involved in the trailblazer community to get their start. For any marketer that finds themselves daydreaming about the consultant life, this episode is for you.

#8 Salesforce Object Series | The Opportunity Object for Marketing Admins

Aside from marketing admins knowing how to work in conjunction with the Lead Object, working as a revenue operations team with sales warrants an understanding of the Opportunity Object.

This episode discusses Opportunity statuses and how crucial it is for marketing admins to understand the sales process and what information is being collected at each Opportunity stage. It also mentions Contact Roles and how if they are not used, marketers will not see any campaign attribution which is critical! This is a great one to listen to as teams continue to craft and refine their revenue operations processes.

#7 1:1 Forms vs 1 Global Form | The Ultimate Conundrum

Episode #15 came from a question that was asked by a Pardot Life Hacks listener and is one that several marketing operations teams face, which is why it is no surprise that this episode made into the Top 10.

In this episode, Jennifer Lynn Schneider answers the question of whether or not teams should use one form across multiple landing pages and how to make sure that each one is associated with the correct campaign or if they should do a 1:1 form per campaign approach. To find out the answers, go and listen to the episode.

#6 Salesforce Object Series l The Lead Object for Marketing

After the show prepared Pardot users for Connected Campaign enablement and introduced how listeners could start leveraging the closer Salesforce Pardot relationship, it was only natural for them to take a deep dive into the different Salesforce objects and how they tie into marketing processes.

This episode kicked off a series of five episodes talking about the different Salesforce objects and how marketing operations teams can align their processes with these objects. The content covers lead statuses, marketing and sales alignment on MQL’s, and segmentation. For ideas on how to consider the data a lead record has in your marketing processes, this is one episode to not overlook.

#5 Executing Connected Campaigns

Following in the Connected Campaigns theme, this episode made it to the top five as Jennifer Lynn Schneider guided listeners through how to actually set up and carry out the enablement, once teams had done their planning. Once users make the switch there is no going back, so having an expert’s opinion to guide marketers through the process, made this episode a favorite.

As a part of the Connected Campaigns Tactical Series, this one will help teams make the switch, if they have not already done so.

#4 Marketing Campaign Reporting with Salesforce Lightning

With listeners following the pathway to achieve marketing campaign reporting with Salesforce Lightning reports and dashboards, it is no shock that this particular episode that came to listeners not too long ago, is in the top five. This is a Pardot Life Hacks special as Jennifer Lynn Schneider, did a screen share walk-through of how to build some of her go-to reports in front of a live audience.

Just listening to this episode does not do it justice. If you want the full marketing campaign reporting nerd-out experience, then be sure to watch this one on the Pardot Life Hacks YouTube channel.

#3 Connected Campaigns l The Conversation

As Connected Campaigns rose to the top of the to do list for many marketing operations team’s, this conversation between guest, Casey Cheshire, Founder & CMO of Cheshire Impact and Host of The Hard Corps Marketing Show podcast, and former Pardot Life Hacks Host, Jennifer Lynn Schneider, grew in popularity.

The two discuss spin off topics such as planning to put together a Connected Campaign Hierarchy, Engagement History reports, and Attribution Modeling. It is a light and fun conversation as Cheshire and Schneider share their insights around making the shift and the considerations that teams should have prior to enablement. This one is a great edition to the Connected Campaigns Tactical Series. If you are in binge-mode, definitely give it a listen.


#2 Planning for Connected Campaigns

Naturally stemming from the feature highlighted in Episode #01, Pardot Life Hacks wanted to prepare Pardot users for how to make the switch to Connected Campaigns. Enabling Connected Campaigns, with Salesforce access, gives marketing users the ability to take advantage of Salesforce Lightning reports and dashboards to track all of their rich marketing campaign data. This episode takes listeners through how to plan for making the switch and the types of conversations that you should be having with not just the marketing team, but with sales, ops, and the executive team as well.

If you have not yet enabled Connected Campaigns, or are just looking to make sure that everything is set up for you to get the optimal result, then this is definitely one to check out.

#1 Newlyweds l The Salesforce Pardot Relationship

This episode aired a year after the release of the Pardot Lightning App to encourage users to take the leap of leveraging the close relationship that Salesforce and Pardot have grown into. It highlights features such as Connected Campaigns and the multi-touch attribution that users can experience once making the switch, giving them a full view into a buyer’s marketing campaign journey.

If you have not made the switch yet to the Pardot Lightning App, listen to this episode to learn more about how its native integration with Salesforce will help your team get a greater return on their technology investment and a greater value from this marketing automation platform.


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