Return of the AppAssessor: 2019 Relaunch

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Remember this guy?

Back in 2017, The AppAssessor investigated Salesforce AppExchange Apps on your behalf, reporting back on highlight features, app impact, the setup process and pricing.

Now, the AppAssessor is back – with a fresh new look and what is already shaping up to be a fantastic line-up of ISV Partners over the next coming months!

The Salesforce AppExchange, the application marketplace, is booming year-on-year. Last year, it celebrated its 10th birthday, and boasted 3 million+ installs and 55,000+ app reviews at the time.

The problem that AppExchange browsers face is not a lack of options, but an overwhelming choice! While the listing reviews are helpful and most apps have some form of trial option, chances are you’re still unsure if an app is right for you. Building and evaluating your App wish list will become a whole lot easier; the AppAssessor may even uncover desires you didn’t even know you had!

Check out a couple of the AppAssessor’s past investigations:


Calling all ISVs!

Have an AppExchange App you want investigated? Submissions for the AppAssessor are now open, operating on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Request the new Media Pack: [email protected]

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