eSignature for Salesforce – Nonprofits Can Capture Signatures at No Extra Cost

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In these uncertain times, every individual, community, and organization is adjusting to sudden change and trying to find balance. And while we can’t control how the situation unfolds, what we can control is how we respond—how we’re meeting these new challenges, and how we’re supporting others.

This experience is impacting organizations of all types, but nonprofits are especially at risk as they operate on slim resources with few reserves. It’s happening at a time when the work these organizations do is more essential than ever. Our nonprofits serve the most vulnerable in our communities, improving access to critical resources, preserving culture, and challenging the status quo as they push for progress and social good. Conga is stepping up to deliver support.

eSignature for Salesforce Offer

Conga is offering their eSignature solution, Conga Sign, to Salesforce nonprofit customers at no cost to any nonprofit that is not a current Conga Sign customer, now through 9/30/20.*

The goal is to enable nonprofits to continue their critical missions even as contributions dwindle during this period. With access to Conga Sign, nonprofits will have a straightforward, easy way to capture the critical signatures they need to support their organizations’ success.

You may remember the previous piece on Conga Sign, back from when the solution was first released. Many of the reasons why Conga Sign is recommended still ring true when it comes to how nonprofits can use this solution to their advantage during this challenging time.

For example, since it’s built on the Salesforce platform, Conga Sign is quick to install and implement—nonprofits can be up and running and sending documents for signature in five minutes.

Nonprofit eSignature Use Cases

So how will nonprofits, specifically, benefit from this solution? Much of the work nonprofit organizations tackle every day is document-intensive, with many tasks requiring signatures to get the ball rolling or keep programs moving. In a time where their missions are more critical than ever, nonprofits need a way to cut back on expenses that would normally incur from printing, faxing, and overnighting contracts and agreements. Plus, as we all continue to practice safe social distancing, a digital way to capture signatures is imperative.

Many nonprofits are already using Conga Sign in their organizations. Let’s take a look at where they’re finding it makes the most difference in their initiatives.

Signing contracts

The most common Conga Sign use is for signing contracts. Think, things like grant contracts, government and apprenticeship contracts, corporate sponsorship contracts, and vendor contracts.

Executing agreements

Another way nonprofits often use Conga Sign is for getting agreements executed: service agreements, grant agreements, distributor and supplier agreements, service and research agreements. Then there are donation letters, volunteer waivers, fundraising letters, and the list goes on.

Gift agreement forms and membership renewals will become increasingly important as nonprofits look for ways to fund their missions, and they’ll need a way to execute those actions as we continue to operate remotely.


Conga is helping in this way because eSignature is a key step in digitizing processes, making it easier to gather signatures on essential documents from anywhere, so Agents of Change can keep working at a safe distance. With Conga Sign for Salesforce, nonprofits can get forms signed instantly and remotely, so they can function more efficiently when their services are needed most.

There are no limits, and no strings attached. There’s no commitment to purchase, no limit on seats or on the number of documents you can send, and you get full core functionality.

Find out how to get started with Conga Sign for your nonprofit.

*The trial offers full functionality without user or transaction limits and with no strings attached. Available to any nonprofit that isn’t a Conga Sign customer. A trial of Conga Sign must be installed through the Salesforce AppExchange by 6/1/2020. Conga Sign for Salesforce will be provided for free to eligible nonprofits until 9/30/20. Conga will be in touch to verify your 501(c)3 status, but want to make this as easy for you as possible.

Existing nonprofit customers should reach out to their Customer Success Managers for additional information.

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