5 Salesforce Career Lessons From Ron Burgundy

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As I was watching Anchorman for the 657th time this weekend, I pondered what we as a Salesforce community can learn from the man himself, Ron Burgundy. Because let’s face it, every industry can learn something from this iconic film, and if you haven’t seen Anchorman here’s a little preview. So for a bit of mid week relief, let’s dive into 5 Salesforce career lessons we can learn from Ron Burgundy & Anchorman.

Make sure people know you. You’re kind of a big deal

There is really no need to explain this section, we all know who is kind of a big deal..and you should be too!


Although the Salesforce community is absolutely huge (Success Community is 1.9M+), it really is not hard to shine and get known as a leader in your space. There are so many ways to contribute to the community (Success Community, Blogs, User Groups), so many ways to interact with people (Events, Meetups, Twitter, LinkedIn) and so many ways to get recognised for all the good work you do, that now is the time to shine. You will reap the rewards of being a big deal.


Get yourself a Mentor/Buddha covered in hair

Just as Baxter was a friend and mentor (Or a miniature Buddha covered in hair) to Mr Burgundy, you should also seek out a mentor. Salesforce professionals of all ages and experience have mentors for various different reasons. Maybe you are looking to move from a Admin to Developer and need a coding master to guide you along the way, or maybe you are aspiring to be an MVP and need to learn the best way to do it. Approaching some of the more experienced members of the community and reaching out for occasional help is something they would be delighted to help with, and even if they have too much on their plate right now, they’ll be able to guide you to someone who can.

7c993e93605bab7c43a72d0aa2843c30Don’t take yourself too seriously

Ron Burgundy is probably the one of the best people to learn this lesson from and it couldn’t be more prevalent in the Salesforce world. Although there is a time and place for everything, some people make the mistake of treating meetings, events and meetups too seriously that they fail to make a human connection. The Salesforce community is one of the most forward thinking that really sets an industry wide example of how business should be done. By showing who you actually are instead of a work “mask” you can really set yourself apart from the uptight crowd.

Untitled-1_3255694b (1)

Be A Team Player

Where would Ron Burgundy be without his trusty team, Champ, Brian Fantana & Brick Tamland? It’s all so cliche to hear about Teamwork in every industry, but there are so many different roles in Salesforce that it’s hard to ignore it. This is very obvious in projects and implementations that have 100’s or 1000’s of users, but even if you are a solo admin or working in a much smaller team it’s probably even more important. Be aware of the roles and responsibilities of each other team member, even if they are not directly involved with Salesforce, learn how they contribute to the team.


You should have a secret talent. Like the jazz flute.

Ron’s way to woo all the ladies was with his secret talent, playing the Jazz Flute. In this competitive industry of ours, having a secret talent can only be held to your advantage to make you stand out from the crowd. Salesforce Certifications alone might soon become all too common. However, there are so many different areas where you can excel with your secret talent; some AppExchange Apps are becoming so common in all Org’s that it’s like they are part of the normal Salesforce package, learn them! Certifications and accolades outside of Salesforce can also aid your CV such as Project Management & Security.


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    This is awesome. I always lose it when Ron & Champ are prank calling Veronica. You could very easily do a follow up on this one with 5 don’ts from Ron Burgundy.

    PS: I’m in a glass case of emotion right now.

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