Guest Poster Guidelines

Thanks again for your request to contribute as a guest poster to SalesforceBen – we’re looking forward to working with you.

The Salesforce Ben blog is loved for many reasons, but one that comes above the rest is authenticity. We take our posting guidelines very seriously to maintain this.

All guest posters must read and acknowledge the posting guidelines before commencing writing.


Guest contributors, and counting!


We see the incredible knowledge locked up in Salesforce Trailblazers, waiting to be unleashed. is the biggest and fastest growing Salesforce blog and news site in the world* – so we believe that we can provide the platform for Trailblazers, like yourself, to showcase their expertise or tell their story.

Our aim for 2020 and beyond is to continue growing our trusted group of guest posters. Not only do we aim to grow in number, but we will also improve the onboarding process, editing phase, and de-briefs on content performance.

This document outlines content categories, blog audiences, what you can get out of guest posting, and guidelines for writing content for Salesforce Ben.

Guest Posting Benefits

What you can get out of guest posting:

  • Guidance on Content ideas (for best audience fit) Content
  • Editing by experienced content writer
  • Social Media promotion
  • Email blast to subscriber list*

*this cannot be guaranteed every time.

The SFB Mission:

“…to provide the Salesforce ecosystem with topical, actionable and thought-provoking content that serves to educate and empower readers’ careers”

Our Audience

Salesforce Admins
Salesforce Consultants
Salesforce Developers
Salesforce Architects

‘Other’ includes marketers, end users, and others.

Content Guidelines


Spelling, punctuation and grammar should all be of a high standard. Posts should be proof-read prior to submitting.


Posts should be well structured, including an introduction, sub-headings, summary and supporting images & diagrams.


Posts must be 400-1000 words in length. Exceptions are made in certain circumstances.


Posts must be original, and not published elsewhere.

Ownership becomes the owner of published posts, which must not be reposted/reblogged.


Must serve to educate and empower – not purely promotional.

Guidelines for Companies

If you are posting on behalf of your company, please pay special attention to this section.

Some of our most successful guest posts have come from individuals publishing on behalf of their companies. If you are looking to promote a product or service through guest posting, the sole focus must be to educate, not to promote. Any posts that only serve to promote will be rejected.

Here is an example of a well-written article, that pushed 100’s of clicks through to their relevant sites and booked demos out for weeks.

Alternatively, if your intention is to promote your company or AppExchange App, please request details on our AppAssessor program. The AppAssessor is an impartial review of a featured AppExchange App by a certified consultant with diverse experience. Please request details from [email protected]