Tahoe Dreamin’

July 25 - 26, 2024
Tahoe, CA

Tahoe Dreamin’ is an annual community-led Salesforce conference that is held in Lake Tahoe, on the border of California and Nevada. The conference is organized by members of the Salesforce community, and is designed to provide attendees with opportunities to learn, network, and share best practices.

The first Tahoe Dreamin’ conference was held in 2016, and it has since become a popular event for Salesforce professionals from around the world. The conference typically includes a variety of sessions focused on a range of topics related to the Salesforce platform, including design, development, administration, architecture and user experience.

In addition to educational sessions, Tahoe Dreamin’ offers opportunities for attendees to connect with other professionals in the Salesforce community. Networking events provide attendees with a chance to build relationships and share ideas.

Overall, Tahoe Dreamin’ provides Salesforce professionals with a unique and valuable conference experience that combines education, networking, and community involvement in a beautiful location that provides Trailblazers with a chance to recharge while also learning and networking.