SF Ben Webinar

How to Deploy Salesforce Flows Like a Pro

July 9, 2024
4:00 PM


Tom Smith

Product Manager, Gearset

Ben McCarthy

Founder of Salesforce Ben

Salesforce Flows are an incredibly powerful type of metadata, but painful deployments can result in a lot of teams not getting the maximum benefit from their Flows. No matter which deployment tool you use, it can be hard to see the differences between your orgs – the XML gets reordered and it’s usually only possible to deploy the latest version of your Flow (even if it’s a draft). That’s only scratching the surface…

Join Tom Smith to hear common Flow deployment pains and how to overcome them, including:

  • Avoiding competing changes
  • Managing Flow versions
  • Automatic Flow activation

You’ll also get exclusive insight into a new deployment UI that looks like Flow Builder and rolls the best practices into one easy process, to streamline your deployments!

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