Flosum & Salesforce DevSecOps Roadshow

March 7, 2024
2:00 AM to 4:00 AM

Join us for an exclusive event experience that includes:

  • Guest Thought-Leader: Hear from hot selling author Dipanker ‘DJ’ Jyoti, on key trends in Salesforce DevOps, Security, and Data Management. 
  • Panel Session: Engage with our panel speakers on how to shift your mindset and culture to enable DevSecOps. Hear how an enterprise company stayed true to their business agility and innovation objectives working with Flosum. Learn from a Salesforce distinguished security technical architect about security threats and vulnerabilities, and how DevSecOps practices can adapt to stay ahead.
  • Customized Maturity Assessment: Join Flosum-built DevOps ‘Maturity Assessment Framework’ discussion to help you understand how you can get more from your Salesforce investment. Book a live, personalized workshop on-site to see how we can help you improve your organization’s Salesforce maturity.
  • Food & Drink: Large selection of appetizers and drinks served right away and throughout the workshop!
  • Live Certification: Join us for an interactive power hour at 8pm to jump start your certification. Beer and appetizers on us!