SF Ben Webinar

Why CPQ Projects Fail

February 12, 2024
6:00 PM


Bryan Boroughf

Salesforce Partner Alliances Director at RSM

Paul Morgis

Director at RSM

Brian Schilling

Director at RSM

Max Rudman

CEO of Prodly

Failed CPQ projects can leave your sales and revenue operations teams manually processing quotes between disconnected CRM and ERP systems. But you can avoid common mistakes by ensuring you are taking the right approach to integrating CPQ with your Salesforce and NetSuite environments – optimizing the quote-to-cash process. 

This webinar will cover:

  • Common pitfalls: Explore the top reasons CPQ projects fail, including a lack of executive buy-in, data quality issues, and inadequate user adoption planning.
  • Indicators for integration: Learn how to identify indicators for CRM-CPQ-ERP integration, such as inefficient “swivel chairing” between systems and a lack of sales visibility.
  • Best practices: Acquire valuable insights into building a compelling business case, assembling the right implementation team, and realistically assessing change management capacity.
  • Phased integration approach: Discover a structured approach to integration that helps control scope and cost, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Tips for success: Gain practical tips for data preparation, user training, and post-go-live support to make your integration journey a success

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to execute a successful CRM-CPQ-ERP integration that streamlines the quote-to-cash process, improves sales productivity, and delivers rapid return on investment. Register now!