SF Ben Webinar

Best Practices & Hacks for CPQ Deployments

November 29, 2023
5:00 PM


Ben McCarthy

Founder of Salesforce Ben

Pablo Gonzalez

Director of Salesforce DevOps at Salto

Dennis Palmer

Owner at MoreCRM

Unlike other Salesforce products, Salesforce CPQ is configured with records from custom objects. These records affect the behavior of your CPQ implementation, so we refer to them as configuration data.

Deploying configuration data across Salesforce orgs is not simple – you can’t use traditional deployment methods like Change Sets or SFDX. This leaves most admins/consultants with an extensive list of manual steps, checklists, and diagrams in an attempt to put some structure to their CPQ deployments.

In this webinar, we will explore why CPQ deployments are so challenging while also providing best practices for before and after any deployment. We’ll also explore the new “data as metadata” approach that can make configuration data deployments as easy as using change sets or SFDX. 

We’ll finish by showing how Salto can help deploy CPQ configuration data and enable a real DevOps workflow, including pull requests, approvals, and version control.