[Webinar] 4 Ways to Generate Documents in Salesforce

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Formstack is teaming up with Salesforce Ben to bring you a free webinar. Learn about the different ways you can automatically generate the documents you need using the data you already have in Salesforce. 

Delight your users by saving them time, as well as your customers by delivering them more timely, personalized documents. Learn to create waivers, patient intake authorizations, proposals, quotes, tax receipts, and more – all managed within your Salesforce org. 

Join Salesforce Ben and Formstack’s Zak Pines (VP of Partnerships), Justin Jackson (Partnership Enablement Manager), and Josh Needler (Partner Solutions Engineer).

The webinar will walk you through the easiest ways to generate documents:

  • From a web form.
  • In a batch from a list view.
  • From a button in Salesforce.
  • Using Flow/automation.

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