New Salesforce Platform Developer II (PDII) Certification Path

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Salesforce recently introduced changes in the path for attaining Platform Developer II (PDII) Certification. The proposed new path is represented in the below graphic:

The Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II (PDII) credential is designed for those who can demonstrate their skills and knowledge in advanced programmatic capabilities of the platform and data modelling to develop complex business logic and interfaces. For successful completion of the exam the candidate need to ace the below concepts:

• Design, develop, test, and deploy programmatic solutions that are maintainable and re-usable

• Follow Apex design patterns and object-oriented programming best practices

Before, Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II (PDII) certification comprised of two steps. Firstly, candidate must appear for a proctored multiple-choice question. After successfully passing the first step, candidate must complete a technical assignment and get it reviewed. The time taken to get oneself Platform Developer II certified was generally around several months.

The Path

Effective June 28, 2017, the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II (PDII) certification will comprise of two parts: a proctored multiple-choice exam and four Trailhead superbadges. These superbadges will replace the Programming Assignment and thus intended to be useful in gauging candidate’s knowledge on advanced, real-world business requirements covering features, concepts, and scenarios that are essential for a Platform Developer II to know, including Apex programming, data integration and more.

Two of the superbadges, Apex Specialist and Data Integration Specialist, are already available on Trailhead. The remaining two are currently in development and are expected to be rollout later this year.


The recent changes in the Platform Developer II (PDII) certification path has garnered mixed opinion from the developers’ fraternity. As a general sentiment people stated that taking the certification route to trailhead badges may decrease the difficulty level for the exam. However, the change will reduce the time taken by an individual to get Platform Developer II (PDII) certified. As Salesforce is yet to roll out the remaining 2 badges, people planning for Platform Developer II can go ahead and earn the Superbadges to their credentials on Trailheads.

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    After earning the two existing superbadges and the MCQ – Is a developer considered certified or he should wait for the superbadges to be released please ?

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