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This post is related to Enabler4Excel – Review, Guide Tips. As you are probably aware, the Ids returned from a report in the Salesforce UI is only 15 chars long. And this is problematic because they are case sensitive whereas the 18 char Ids, which are extracted from the Data Loader, are case insensitive. This means if you are performing a vlookup between sets of Ids that are all 15 char long, you will either be scratching your head for a very long time trying to fix the mess via a convoluted combination of Excel functions or you will do what I did and shout and rant loudly.

What alternatives are there? Yes, you can create a formula field on the object and use that instead but you risk creating lots of fields (one field per object) and who wants to do that? Oh, or you could write a macro in Excel (if that’s your style). Or you could even use this site to do conversions on the web. Or you could use this add-in, which does work very well in my experience.

However, the best experience I have had when trying to do this consistently and accurately is using the Enabler4Excel’s ’15-18 convert’ function.


It works flawlessly and is very simple. You select some Ids, you click on the icon, the column to the right then displays the hard-coded 18 char Ids.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 12.22.36

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