Salesforce Platform App Builder

Mock Exam Questions


Demonstrate your knowledge on designing and building custom applications declaratively using the Salesforce Platform.

  • 60 Multiple Choice Questions,
  • 90-minute time limit (105 in the rea exam),
  • If a checkbox is present, more than one answer is required,
  • 65% is the official passing score.
The exam will test your knowledge on:
    • CRM objects in the Salesforce schema, relationship types and the implications of each on record access.
    • Record types, formula fields, roll-up summary fields, validation rules, workflow, Flow, and Process Builder – and recommending how to automate a business processes leveraging these.
    • Identifying the boundaries of declarative customization and the use cases for programmatic customization.
    • User interface customization: custom buttons, links, actions, Lightning Components.
    • The application lifecycle: key milestones, types of sandboxes, change sets, unmanaged packages, and deployment plans.