Starting a Salesforce Consultancy – Book & Template Pack

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After months of work, I’m very happy to finally announce the release of my new book and template pack entitled “Secrets to Starting a Salesforce Consultancy“.

I decided to make the jump from Salesforce Admin to Consultant back in 2016, but was quickly thrown into the deep end when I was given the opportunity to lead the new UK office as the Managing Director. This book details my journey from building the award-winning office from $0 to $2,500,000 in revenue in only four years.

The Book

Building a Salesforce Consultancy is a logical step for a lot of Consultants, or Admins, that have that entrepreneurial itch. New Consultancies with product and industry specialties are popping up every year across the globe to support the growth of the Salesforce Industry.

When I started, I was lucky enough to have a few mentors who helped me navigate the world of selling Salesforce professional services, running workshops, and building relationships with Salesforce. But largely, it was down to trial and error, and trying to learn as fast as possible.

Secrets to Building a Salesforce Consultancy is the first book of it’s kind, and will take you through the steps you need to learn in order to build up your business. The chapters included are as follows…

Go to Marketing Strategy – What do you need to consider before founding your consultancy, how will you position yourself in the market?

Salesforce Alliances – For the majority of consultancies, Salesforce is your biggest lead source. Ensuring you build good relationships with Salesforce is key to your success. I’ll show you how.

Salesforce Services – What type of services will you actually need to sell? This doesn’t differ too much between consultancies, but it’s important to understand what your core offerings should be.

Sales – How do you actually sell Salesforce projects? What should the sales process look like? Learn from my experience from selling 100’s of Salesforce projects.

Pre-Sales – In my eyes one of the most important steps in the sales process, this is your chance to really impress your prospects by running great workshops, and producing a fantastic proposal.

Marketing – B2B professional services marketing is a unique space, but get it right, and you can win the hearts and minds of your prospects, as well as Salesforce.

Culture – Culture is important in any business, but in the competitive Salesforce space, you need to shine about the rest.

The Template Pack

In addition to this one of a kind book, I’ve also included a template pack. You will find that founding a consultancies involves a lot of different documents, and designing and perfecting these on your own can take up a huge amount of time and money.

Within this pack, you will receive 8 templates to help you get on your feet as soon as possible. These can be customized to your liking, but give you a fantastic head start above the competition. The Templates included are as follows…

Statement of Work – The SoW, or proposal document is one of the most used across all consultancies. These will be produced after a workshop or similar meeting where you have understood the clients requirements, and have produced a written solution, along with costs. This is the most important document in pre-sales, as it contains all of the information that is going to convince a customer you are the right partner for them.

Quick Starts – Quick starts are a new consultancies best friend. They help you establish relationships with Salesforce and customers, by offering a low cost, easy setup implementation tied up in a neat package. You will find quick start templates for Sales & Service cloud.

Workshop Presentations – Running workshops to dig into a customers business and processes can be hard at first, especially if you haven’t been involved in Salesforce pre-sales before. These Workshop presentations will guide you through running a Sales & Service Cloud workshop, and can be used in front of a customer to ensure you take them through all aspects of their business.

NDA – Non Disclosure Agreements are often used at the start of an engagement with a client to ensure that you don’t reveal any confidential information they will be telling you. You will have an NDA for both the UK market, and US market.

Consultancy Agreement – Once you’re close to signing that first client, you will need to get them over an agreement to sign. We’ve included a read-made international consultancy agreement to get that deal over the line!

Get Early Access + Discount

This book will give you everything you need to get started, and also includes templates that I spend many months trying to put together at the start of my journey. This includes templates for Statements of Work, Quick Starts, Workshops, NDA’s, Consulting Agreements, and presentations.

If you would like early access, with a 25% discount, and a chance to win a 1-1 consultation session with me, then sign up below and I will be in touch!

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