New Solutions: Employee Workspace, Queue Management, Broadcast Messaging, and more!

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Salesforce has announced a significant expansion of with an aim to help businesses create safe in-person experiences for their customers and employees as they continue to reopen, and hopefully, thrive.

In a nutshell, Salesforce will be bringing to the platform:

  • New employee workspace and helpdesk apps that help employees be productive from anywhere.
  • Trusted communication apps that enable businesses to create safe in-person experiences for customers and employees.

“With new technology to help employees be productive anywhere, and create safe in-person experiences for customers, is helping companies get back to growth and thrive in the new normal.”

– Sarah Franklin, EVP and GM, Platform, Trailhead and AppExchange at Salesforce

Let’s now dive into the two expansions for this release: Employee Workspace and Trusted Customer Communication Apps (the latter aimed at both customers and employees). for Employees

New technology to increase engagement and productivity.

Employee Workspace

A central digital hub for employees to access the tools and resources they need, in line with Salesforce’s work-from-anywhere vision.

Workspace allows teams to access:

  • Productivity apps, eg. Google Workspace and Quip
  • Learning platforms eg. myTrailhead
  • Employment information eg. payroll systems,
  • Personalized communications, notifications and more.

Salesforce themselves have been using this internally for some time, with great adoption, I heard when I spoke to Genevieve Weber, SVP & COO, Platform, Trailhead, & Developers at Salesforce. Her description resonated with me “it’s like a single pane of glass” for employees to manage their work-life.

Employee Helpdesk

Allows employees to ask questions and resolve issues quickly on topics such as HR policies, benefits and perks, and IT issues.

Einstein AI-powered chatbots provide access to knowledge articles and escalation paths, across any department.

Trusted Customer Communication Apps

New communication apps to enable safer in-person experiences for customers (and employees).

Queue Management

Enables brick-and-mortar businesses minimize physical lines by creating virtual queues:

  • Protect customers and manage onsite capacity.
  • Customers can easily reserve their place in line from anywhere through the app
  • Customers can get updated on queue status via SMS to avoid waiting outside for lengthy periods of time.

Broadcast Messaging

Allows businesses to proactively communicate updated hours of operation, changing appointment times, and health and safety reminders to customers and employees.

Delivered through their preferred channels such as text, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger.

Businesses can then manage follow-up questions or service requests quickly with automated chatbots and personalized service communications.





Digital Trust Cards

Allows local store employees to quickly update websites and apps with safety protocols specific to that location, like social distancing guidelines and cleaning policies.

These digital cards can be embedded into any digital property, such as a website or app so that customers can be confident they will be safe visiting the business in-person.

Additional Information

  • Learn more about the employee concierge products here.
  • Learn more about the trusted communication apps here.
  • Learn more about how Salesforce built in this Q&A.

Pricing and Availability

  • Queue Management is generally available today and included in Asset Scheduler for $15 per asset per month.
  • Broadcast Messaging is generally available today and priced at $100 per user per month. It is also included in Digital Engagement, a $75 per user per month add on to Service Cloud.
  • Trust Cards are generally available today and included in Service Cloud or Sales Cloud licenses in Enterprise Edition or above.
  • Employee Workspace is expected to become generally available in 2020. Pricing information will be made available at general availability.
  • Employee Help Desk is expected to become generally available in the first half of 2021. Pricing information will be made available at general availability.

Recap: in 2020

In light of the new pressures COVID-19 has placed on businesses globally, Salesforce considered it the opportune time to launch a suite of products that address challenges appearing in impacted sectors.

‘’, previously an HR app for Salesforce, has made a comeback – with a new data model and a fresh purpose. Here’s what we’ve seen in 2020 so far:

What’s Next?

As the world continues to shift from ‘survive’ to ‘thrive’, we are witnessing Salesforce address the greatest shared and sector-specific challenges head-on with the suite.

I recently had a conversation with Genevieve Weber, SVP & COO, Platform, Trailhead, & Developers at Salesforce, who has seen first-hand how was reimagined and released in order to transform organizations in these periods of uncertainty. We will be publishing a follow-up post on the future vision of in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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