Winter ’16 – Improvements, Updates, and New Features

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winter releaseWinter ’16 is here! After a nice Dreamforce shaped break we can all get stuck into a whole host of new features Salesforce has kindly laid out for us. Winter ’16 is clearly one of the biggest releases that most of us can remember with the announcement of the Lightning Experience. Putting LE to one side for a minute though, this release is full of a whole host of other features that are going to make our lives as users/admins/consultants that little bit easier. Let’s dive into a short breakdown of some of the more notable features.

Legacy Data Import Tools

  • No longer accessible from Setup or the Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Campaign Detail, and My Settings pages.
  • Legacy Import “My Accounts and Contacts” is being retired
  • Why? The Data Import Wizard is more capable.

Lightning Experience

  • Consists of three things:
    • Lightning Experience Desktop App: 25 new features, modern UI, faster
    • Lightning App Builder: Drag & drop to make customizations quick and easy
    • Lightning Design System: Style guide, design patterns, and component library.

Sales Wave Analytics

  • Sales analytics are better and easier to configure.
  • Create tasks, update a record, and share insights


  • Ability to route incoming work items (Cases, chats, calls, leads, etc..) to specific users.
  • Helps to eliminate queue cherry picking or the wrong people working your service calls/cases.
  • Also helps load balance the incoming work

Journey Builder Enhancements

  • New Sales & Service Events added
  • Will listen for when specified records are created or updated to trigger customers into a specific journey, which is enhanced by personalized communications.

Community Cloud

  • Communities is now known as Community Cloud.
  • Lighting components now available in Community Builder

Lightning Experience for Custom Objects

  • Create and customize custom objects in a new streamlined setup
  • Create pages by dragging and dropping components
  • Related: The new Object Manager can be used to manage both standard and custom objects in one place.

Administration Improvements

  • Rollup Summary Field limit increased from 10 to 25
  • Multi-Select picklists can now have 500 values! (Don’t tell your users)
  • “Restricted Picklists” This feature can prevent users from making up their own picklist values when loading data.


  • Previewing files is fast and looks great.
  • New: “Broadcast Groups” – type of group where only owners and managers can create new posts
  • Ability to mute posts
  • Write Chatter posts in rich text

Sales Cloud

  • Connect for Outlook is now retired
  • Duplicate rules now run as users complete fields on a record, not just when they hit “Save.”
  • Enabled Lookup Relationship field for activities, but there is still a list of limitations.

Service Cloud

  • New: “Salesforce Console for Service” – should reduce time and clicks on service calls


  • Enhanced search engine matching rules should make it easier when using punctuation in the search.

Process Builder

  • Bulkified!   The previous limit of 100 SOQL queries has been raised to 20,000
  • Schedule multiple actions!

Visual Workflow

  • Bulkified! The previous limit of 100 SOQL queries has been raised to 20,000


  • Faster Org-Wide Default Sharing Recalculations
  • New: “Object-Specific Share Locks” – make multiple sharing rule changes without waiting for recalculation across all objects to complete.


  • Ability to Auto-Activate a refreshed sandbox


I hope you enjoyed the read. Please let me know if you have any other favourite features with Winter ’16 that I might have missed off.

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  1. This is very useful for an ata glance overview – thank you.. can you coplete the sentence in the sales cloud are though please as currently it read s as follows:

    Sales Cloud:
    Enabled Lookup Relationship field for activities, but there is still a list of……..???


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