What’s Next for Salesforce in 2020? Insights From MVPs & Experts

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Over 170,000 attendees from across the world descend on San Francisco for Dreamforce every year. The Salesforce-specific conference, which last took place in November 2019, was four days long and stacked with new product announcements, including Customer 360 Truth, Tableau, and Einstein Voice.

Key members of the Salesforce community were present, sharing their learnings with the crowd as well as predictions for the new year. So, what’s next for Salesforce in 2020? Here’s a recap on each new announcement, and what the Salesforce MVPs and experts had to say about them.

Customer 360 Truth

“You’re going to have that one ID to connect to your customer between all of your integrated systems as well as across all your clouds.”

Meighan Brodkey, Practice Manager, Architecture at Xede Consulting Group

One product announcement that really stood out this year was on Customer 360 Truth, a Salesforce tool designed to give businesses a single source of truth when it comes to their customer data.

By allowing you to build a complete view of your customer through a single profile that will be used for all your integrated Salesforce apps, Customer 360 Truth empowers companies to deliver a seamless customer experience across all the channels.


“I’m excited for Tableau and all the innovation it will bring to Salesforce.”

— Amit Chaudhary, Lead Salesforce Developer at Deloitte

Tableau, recently acquired by Salesforce, brings people and data together.

It’s a self-serve analytics platform that helps companies of every size and industry, from growing startups to Fortune 500 establishments, see and understand their data to drive better business decisions.

Coupled with Customer 360 Truth, Tableau will make Salesforce’s analytic capabilities more robust than ever.

That’s definitely something to be excited about.

Einstein Voice

“I think [Einstein’s] going to be great, the Voice especially. […] Sales guys like to talk—they don’t like to have to enter data. So, being able to just talk and have it know intuitively that [information] needs to go in and create an opportunity, or update an opportunity, or create a task… that’s just awesome. I think that’s the future.”

— Leyna Hoffer, Senior Manager, Salesforce Operations at A-LIGN

Einstein Voice is a new AI assistant software from Salesforce.

It lets you “talk” to Salesforce—you can speak your meeting notes into your CRM and have any customer-related information added to their profile, automatically. You can also have it talk back to you, which will come in handy for relaying information like daily briefings, making updates, and opening dashboards.

With Einstein Voice, salespeople will be able to focus less on manual data entry and have more time on what they do best—close deals.

More Cool Announcements from Dreamforce 2019

Check out this highlight video and see how other Salesforce MVPs answer the question: what’s next for Salesforce in 2020?


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