[Webinar] Understanding AI in Salesforce DevOps

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Salesforce recently announced its plan to roll out Einstein GPT, a new generative AI tool that has the potential to change the way you interact with your Salesforce environments. And this isn’t the only tool built to streamline processes through AI.

How can you leverage these tools without introducing data security vulnerabilities into your Salesforce DevOps pipeline?

Join Ben McCarthy (Founder, Salesforce Ben), Zak Taylor (Enterprise Account Executive, AutoRABIT), and Lars Malmqvist (author, Architecting AI Solutions on Salesforce) on May 30 at 11am CDT / 5pm BST to learn more about how artificial intelligence is impacting the world of Salesforce DevOps, and how you can best protect your data.

The webinar will discuss these important considerations:

  • The current state of Salesforce DevOps AI.
  • Data security and implementation challenges.
  • How to safely address these considerations.

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