[Webinar] Simplifying the Complexity of Salesforce CPQ: Tips & Best Practices

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Since it entered the market, Salesforce CPQ has been a real game-changer for businesses. However, it does come with some challenges, especially if you assume that maintaining Salesforce CPQ is the same as maintaining other core Salesforce products.

Failing to recognize the level of expertise required to manage Salesforce CPQ can lead to a landslide of bugs, errors, and other costly consequences to the business. But no need to worry – we have the technology to help you get it right!

Join our upcoming webinar with Salesforce MVP, Ben McCarthy, Salesforce CPQ master, Alyssa Lefebvre, and Oz Lavee, Panaya ForeSight CTO.

During the webinar you will learn how to simplify the complexity of Salesforce CPQ by:

  • Successfully managing CPQ deployments.
  • Dealing with ongoing CPQ implementations, org dependencies review, and updates.
  • Easily identifying the root cause of a bug or failure.
  • Managing CPQ tests the smart way.

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