[Webinar] Mirror Mirror on The Wall, Can Conversational Data Be the Answer to It

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Not all unstructured data is created equal. Service agents, service managers, product managers, and executives benefit from the value hidden in your unstructured, unused, and unimaginably large data set.

Salesforce Ben is teaming up with HaloSight to host a free webinar focusing on conversational data. During the webinar you will learn:

  • The questions you can ask of your text, notes, tickets, and email (unstructured data).
  • What insights can come from proper AI and NLP analysis.
  • The benefits that come from analysis of customer interactions.
  • How this analysis can be done inside Salesforce and how results can be part of the Salesforce workflow.

Even though the analytics can be complicated, the onboarding and installation process is simple.

Running a business is difficult; knowing where to go next with your products, keeping customers happy, generating new revenue, and expanding revenue from existing streams takes its toll. To understand the health of a business and to navigate the future, business leaders rely on metrics, reports, and feedback.

Even though millions of dollars are spent on data and analytics initiatives, most companies are dramatically under leveraging the largest resource in their businesses – the conversational data trapped in hard-to-access corners of their CRMs.

Learn what unlocking free-form text intelligence means for businesses across the globe and how insights from unstructured data can help you become a ‘hero’ for your company.

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