[Webinar] 3 Ways to Improve Sales Efficiency in Salesforce

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Salesforce Ben is excited to be teaming up with TaskRay to bring you a free webinar. We will be discussing how to improve sales cycle efficiency in Salesforce to ensure long-term customer success.

Common issues such as inconsistent processes, breakdowns in information sharing, and not accurately managing resources, can impact both the productivity of your team and the relationship between you and your new customer. All of this can result in a failure to get your customers to fully adopt your product or service (AKA onboarded), which puts a lasting customer relationship at risk. 

Join Salesforce Ben and TaskRay’s A.J. Kamish and Matt Gvazdinskas, as we discuss three ways to improve sales efficiency throughout the sales and post-sales cycle.

In this webinar you’ll learn best practices for:

  • Creating a single source of truth throughout the sales cycle.
  • Accurately forecasting and managing resources’ capacity and time.
  • Clean handoffs between Sales and Customer Success teams.

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