[Webinar] 3 Phases of Salesforce DevOps

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Salesforce Ben and AutoRABIT are teaming up to host a free webinar to explore the evolution of Salesforce DevOps and to better understand what’s coming next.

We’ve come a long way – from change sets, to DevOps Center, to DevSecOps – so, what can we expect to see next?

Join Lucy Mazalon from Salesforce Ben and Prashanth Samudrala, VP of Product Management at AutoRABIT, on Tuesday August 23, to learn more about the evolution of Salesforce DevOps, as well as how you can be at the forefront of what’s coming next.

The webinar will discuss these important considerations:

  • The evolution of Salesforce development.
  • The necessity of maximizing ROI in DevOps.
  • DevOps versus DevSecOps.
  • The future of Salesforce application development.

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