Top Posts of 2021: Salesforce Marketing Edition

By Lucy Mazalon

It’s time for us to look back at what happened in the Salesforce ecosystem (and beyond) in the world of marketing over the last 12 months. We moved into 2021 having learned to ‘expect the unexpected’, and embrace change and new challenges – whether that be Salesforce technical updates, industry-wide movement to privacy, or continuously rising expectations of our teams and customers we serve as marketers.

Here are the top posts in terms of pageviews, published this year, aimed at Salesforce marketing professionals across and The DRIP!

8. What is a Mailable Prospect in Pardot? Do Not Email vs. Email opt-out

When it comes to email marketing, a prospect record is only as good as its mailability – in short, if you can email them, they’re more valuable to you.

Pardot prospect mailability got a makeover this year – with new fields, changing field behavior, and data management practices – all to make mailability clearer to understand.

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7. 16 Pardot Tips for Salesforce Admins

Pardot’s intuitive user experience makes it a popular choice, with a minimal learning curve (compared to other options on the market).

From a Salesforce Admin’s point of view, the minimal ‘under-the-hood’ view can be unnerving. This simplicity can be a blessing, but a curse if you don’t know how the tool works beyond what you can see.

These tips for Salesforce Admins are useful when getting started with Pardot best practice configuration, and general administration.

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6. Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release – Top 8 New Pardot Features

Pardot is changing significantly with every release that comes, thanks to the product development resource fuelling innovation. Although releases happen three times a year, the Winter ’22 release was a particularly ‘bumper’ one for Pardot, which included the drag-and-drop landing page editor for Pardot, Slack Notifications for Pardot, use Lightning Experience Emails in Engagement Programs, custom components for the Email Content Builder, prospect mailability insights became generally available…and more!

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5. What is Salesforce CDP?

The industry is moving towards CDPs (customer data platforms) that aggregate every data point about an individual customer across multiple platforms, into one comprehensive view. Salesforce renamed “Customer 360 Audiences” to Salesforce CDP and, at the same time, released new insights, enhanced segmentation, open access, and more.

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4. Your Complete Guide to Salesforce Lightning Email Templates

The Lightning email experience (including the builder) rolled out across the Salesforce platform, meaning that for the first time, different teams using Salesforce would use the same email building experience.

With a new way to create and manage email templates, this guide from Paul Ginsberg was a welcome addition to our resources!

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3. Send SMS Messages with Pardot Engagement Studio

While Pardot has made big strides, automating SMS messages is one major gap. Automating SMS messages with Engagement Studio is possible, with a little help from your Salesforce stack.

Mogli, a Salesforce AppExchange partner, have developed an SMS connector for Pardot that surpasses other options on the market. I had a great time investigating how it works.

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2. Pardot vs. Marketing Cloud: Key Differences

When researching marketing automation on the Salesforce platform, you will be faced with two options: Pardot or Marketing Cloud. What are the key differences? If you’re confused, you’re not alone – here’s a guide that sets the matter straight.

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1. Complete Guide to Salesforce Campaign Influence

Salesforce Campaign Influence is how Salesforce Opportunities are associated with the Campaigns that helped generate them. It’s all about joining the dots between sales revenue (stored in opportunities) and marketing data (stored in campaigns) – and therefore, is the fundamental connection in measuring Marketing ROI (return on investment).

This guide, extended in 2021, covers the details when it comes to working with Campaign Influence.

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What’s in store for 2022?

With a constant stream of new innovations and added challenges, there’s no doubt 2022 will have marketers rushed off their feet! That’s why we love it, right? 🎉

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