Our Favourite 5 Booths @ Dreamforce ’17

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The Customer Success Expo at Dreamforce –

I had been warned that this was the World Tour expo halls, on steroids. Housed in Moscone South, more than 400 partner sponsors come together ‘under one roof’, this year filling a hall 260,560 square feet in area. The place was buzzing with energy, and I have to give credit to everyone I spoke to on Day 3 of Dreamforce, sharing the passion for their technologies tirelessly.

With so many partners and their solutions to explore, we certainly had our work cut out. Our mission? To nominate the 5 best partner booths at Dreamforce, based on a combination of display and the ingenuity of the solutions they offer. Here is who we felt ranks the top 5:


5th Place: Provar


Provar is the “complete testing toolbox”, providing test automation for Salesforce. This feature-rich tool is acclaimed as being at the top of its game: “the only code-free, integrated automation testing tool for Salesforce” – Lightning ready and Salesforce DX compatible, too.

Hetty Boardman-Weston, Head of Digital Marketing, told me how Provar takes an advanced subject and makes it simple: “the goal is always to reduce manual testing overhead and free up testers for more value-added activities”. She shared the apparent perks for Dreamforce for them, everyone in high spirits: “Dreamforce has been the perfect opportunity to share our message with people who come to our stand, they just ‘get’ it. At Provar we have quite a distributed team so Dreamforce was also a great time for us to meet in person and spend time together, as well as meeting a few customers face to face for the first time!”.

4th Place: Fullstory


Fullstory was developed by a group of ex-Google engineers that set out to build a tool to answer the questions that puzzle website owners, such as:
To give the gift of insight into website customer experience, Fullstory comprises of two main product parts:
An indexed interaction history, to search customer experience like you would search the web, including frictions such as ‘rage clicks’ and ‘cursor thrashes’.
‘Pixel-perfect’ session recordings, to replay the whole interaction story – every click, swipe, and scroll.
Joseph Cua, in Sales for Fullstory, explains how the integration with Salesforce brings instant value to users:

“FullStory gives you full visibility into your customers’ and prospects’ experience on your site. Integrating FullStory session replay with Salesforce Service Cloud brings context to every support ticket. Used with Sales Cloud, FullStory brings incredible insights to help drive customer success.”

Want to try it out for yourself? Fullstory currently have an exclusive deluxe trial currently, which you can access here.

3rd Place: Youreka


Youreka is a Salesforce-native smart forms and assessments application: A.I.-pumped, flexible and intuitive to lead the pack.

I could dive into the obvious traits of data capture solutions; but, instead, it’s better to draw attention to the built-in A.I. capabilities and smart mobile workforce management they handle. Branching logic gives smart guided sales and service by suggesting the next best actions in the moment, coined ‘Youreka Discoveries’. Also, they leverage Salesforce Einstein for image classification and sentiment analysis, giving data capture a whole new intelligence dimension.

What I’ve covered here merely scratches the surface, in fact, I got the impression that the friendly team could talk for days about the many more use cases Youreka has covered!

2nd Place: Seismic


Seismic’s solution wowed me, which is why they claim the second spot. They live up to their tagline: “Sales Enablement’s gold standard for the Enterprise”, marrying up sales reps with the most optimal marketing content to accelerate the sales cycle – all injected with A.I. I share my opinion with over 250 ‘large enterprise customers’, that includes HP, PayPal, Experian and Hitatchi, to name a few!

I saw a demo of their two core products: ‘DocCentre’, for content management, and ‘Live Insights’, the content performance reporting hub. The real power for Salesforce users lies in Seismic’s integration into Salesforce Opportunities, “which increases the value of Salesforce for sales reps by using opportunity data to automatically serve up the best piece of content for any buyer interaction—right within Salesforce! Plus, it increases marketing’s impact on the bottom line – a win-win for everyone”, Joey Vendel, Director of Client Development, shared enthusiastically with me.

Seismic have been running for 7 years, something I pointed out as remarkable, well ahead of their time before the content marketing hype kicked off a couple of years ago.

Thanks to their foresight, they’ve evolved to become leaders in the space; as a result, they’ve seen immense growth, with 4 offices globally and have just made their first hire in EMEA, a new market they’ll break into in the new year.



Seismic content recommendations view on a Salesforce Opportunity.

1st Place: Conversica


Conversica went in with the right approach to a booth; if you want to stand in this super-sized expo, follow Conversica’s lead. Their ‘Lost City’ themed booth was unlikely to skip anyone’s attention, complete with a treasure chest spurting smoke!The booth’s tagline read: “Automated lead follow-up unearthed by A.I.”, a witty connection to their A.I.-powered sales tool that discovers qualified opportunities through conversational A.I. with prospects. Conversica’s Intelligent Personal Assistants, each with their own persona, find the treasure of qualified leads in pools of records and masses of interaction data to then engage in the most optimal way for conversion.Customers can expect more ‘influenced’ revenue in their pipeline, improved sales efficiency, and an uplift in MQL* volume – NewVoiceMedia, one case study, saw a 10% increase in Marketing Qualified Leads.

I spoke with Ryan, an Account Executive at Conversica, who could have just walked off the film set of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’. “Our AI assistant is essential if companies want to generate pipeline from lead channels that have historically low conversion rates”, he said, reaching into his leather pouch for a business card, keeping in character.

While browsing the event highlights, I spotted Conversica were crowned winners of the Mega Demo Jam! Although this is a complete coincidence, it reaffirmed that this top spot on our list is well-deserved! Read their summary.

*MQL = Marketing Qualified Leads

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