Top 10 Salesforce Ben Posts of All Time

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Top 10

As an enlightening exercise, I decided to take a look at the most popular posts since Salesforce Ben started nearly 2.5 years ago. I was pleasantly surprised to see a real mixture of posts, but with a focus towards career, certifications & a certain type of tutorial (Which made a surprising #1!).

The statistics from the posts below were taken from Google Analytics and were ranked in order of unique page views. In order to make the list relevant to 2016 I made sure to remove some posts that were outdated or that are in need of an update.

10. Administrator Vs Developer Infographic


With so many fresh faces joining the Salesforce industry from all walks of life, there can sometimes be a very confusing line between the roles and responsibilities of Administrators & Developers. Hopefully this Infographic can clear it up for you once and for all.

9. 5 Advanced Salesforce Reporting Features

analytics-1I wrote this post straight after completing the Advanced Administrator exam after learning about some of the advanced reporting features. These 5 features are truly ones that every Administrator should know, they can and often are the only way to complete a certain requirement.

8. How to Pass Your Salesforce Certification First Time

How-to-pass-your (1)

In this post we explore what it takes to pass a Salesforce Certification first time, as I’m sure you can probably imagine, for this to happen you need to be prepared. There are various options that can accelerate your learning and ensure that you cover the entire syllabus.

7. 8 Amazing Salesforce Facts You Never Knew

benioffcoverAs Salesforce continues to break records and spread itself across the globe, a lot of newer members to the community may not know about it’s impressive history. Not only did Marc Benioff practically invent the cloud, but the way he got the word out there was incredible. I’m willing to bet you don’t know every fact in this post!

6. New Salesforce Certifications for 2015


Ok, so maybe this post is outdated AND of need of an update, but I still think some of these new certifications have not reached all 4 corners of the Salesforce universe just yet. This posts explains in detail all 9 new Certifications for 2015 and some of the justification behind them.

5. Ultimate Salesforce Blogs List


Maybe It’s the huge amount of great content complied in this post, or maybe its just the use of the word ultimate. The Salesforce blogs list post remains one of the most popular posts on a weekly basis over here at Salesforce Ben. It is yet to be updated in a while however, if you know of any worthy individuals or companies, just leave a comment!

4. Average Salesforce Salaries Infographic


Everybody loves an Infographic, and when it comes down to it, everyone loves salaries. This Infographic was put together with various online sources and a UK based recruiter for a great idea about US & UK Salesforce salaries.

3. Platform App Builder Certification Guide & Tips

Salesforce-Certified-Platform-App-Builder_RGB (1)

The Platform App Builder Certification is one of the newer examinations. It also has the potential to be quite confusing, as it has effectively replaced the old DEV401 that you can transition from. In true Salesforce Ben fashion, I wrote up a blog post after completing the exam and also explaining a bit about the transition.

2. Sales Cloud Certification Guide & Tips


The Sales Cloud certification (or possibly the Adv admin) is one of the most logical steps for Administrators after they complete the “foundation” Admin/App Builder exams. In combination, the Sales Cloud Certification & Sales Cloud Resources would have actually taken up the 2nd & 3rd spots but I decided to combine into one.

1. Salesforce URL Hacking – Tutorial


And bringing it around at #1, we have the Salesforce URL Hacking Tutorial! From these statistics, I think It’s pretty clear that URL Hack’s are some of the most popular around. The one big downside about all of this, is URL Hacks are not supported by Lightning Experience. On the up side, they’ve helped Administrators hack their way to greatness for the past 17 years!

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