Top 10 Posts of 2019: Marketing Edition

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It is during this time of the year that I, along with the rest of the team, like to take a step back and look at the year that has passed. We are always proud of what we and our group of community contributors have produced, adding significant value to the Salesforce ecosystem. 2019 has been a special year. As Spring turned to Summer, the blog had a refresh which included a new site design, logo and supercharged speed.

What was the most popular with marketers? Well, the results are in from SalesforceBen and The DRIP! Here are the posts aimed at Salesforce marketing professionals that received the top 10 pageview counts this year.


10. Pardot Business Units – A New Enhancement to Support Enterprise Marketers

Pardot Business Units were a new feature this year that hoped to fulfil the needs of enterprise Pardot customers – and I know for a fact I was not the only one screaming ‘finally!’. This post takes you for a spin around what Business Units are, why they’re a big deal, current limitations, and finally, a promising future.


9. Marketing Cloud Administrator: New Salesforce Certification Alert!

An exciting new certification, Marketing Cloud Administrator, was announced, which offers Salesforce Marketing professionals another notch on the belt. Who are Marketing Cloud Admins? Who should get certified? Perhaps this is one you should add to your 2020 New Years Resolutions!


8. What is Handlebars Merge Language (HML) for Pardot?

Pardot upgraded to Handlebars Merge Language (HML) in 2019, the way personalisation is currently applied in other places in Salesforce Lightning (the core platform). How and where can you use HML in Pardot? What’s the big deal? This post will tell you this and more.


7.Complete Guide to Importing Leads or Contacts into Salesforce Campaigns

One process that may continue to baffle you is importing Leads (or Contacts) into Salesforce Campaigns. There’s a choice of two import tools, multiple places to access the tools, and more than one type of record you need to create – yep, not the easiest to figure out.
How do you start? What’s the most efficient process? How can you avoid messing data up? These are the questions this post answered.


6. What is B2B Marketing Analytics? What I’ve Learned So Far!

I wanted to hold myself accountable at the start of this year to explore the B2B Marketing Analytics (B2B MA) app, part of the Einstein Analytics platform. This blog post was one way (alongside a User Group talk) that ensured I learned about this mysterious B2B MA, enough to share with the community.


5. How to Create Buttons for Pardot Emails

I remember the email blast featuring this post got an exceptional open and click-through rate! We have to come to terms with the fact that there is no built-in button function in the Pardot email builder. In this post, I showed you how to use a free third-party tool to create buttons that fit your brand, and then, how to implement these into Pardot, and test.


4. Salesforce Campaign Member Sync for Pardot Prospects: What It Can and Can’t Do

Salesforce Campaign Member Sync was a new feature in the Winter ’19 release, and here is what you needed to know about the feature – how it works, its advantages, and its current limitations.


3. 30 Marketing Cloud Interview Questions & Answers

Manish (AKA @sfdcFanBoy) has 10 years experience with Salesforce technology, and most recently with Marketing Cloud. In this post, he shared 30 questions you can expect in your next interview for a Marketing Cloud specialist role. The first topics relate to day-to-day campaign building, then go into more in-depth technical questions.


2. Why Add the Pardot Tracking Code to Your Website? Overview of Pardot Visitor Reporting

Pardot comes with a ‘Website Tracking’ tracking code you can place on your website. Instructions on how to do this look simple enough, but in practice, getting this task done isn’t always plain sailing. In this post, I showed you what reporting you can expect from the Pardot tracking code, to justify its value on your website.


1. Salesforce Pardot vs. Marketing Cloud: Which Should You Choose?

If you’re new to Salesforce Marketing Automation, navigating the Salesforce platform’s offering for marketing can be daunting. You’re not alone! This post compiled the answers to questions I have been time again in my time as a Salesforce Marketing Automation Consultant.



Wow, what a year it’s been for marketers in the Salesforce ecosystem! There’s much more to follow, judging by the Spring ’20 preview, Dreamforce announcements, and beyond, thanks to the product roadmaps. Bring on the new decade of Salesforce!

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