Top 10 Posts of 2018: Marketing Edition

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Which Marketing content came out on top in 2018?

We were curious too – which is why we’ve ranked the top 10 blog posts published this year across Salesforceben and The DRIP, by pageviews.


Salesforce Ben just published our 500th post, which brings the combined total to over 620 pieces of content! We are proud to have created content that appeals to a wide-ranging audience, which includes Salesforce Admins, Developers, Consultants, Marketers and Business Users – by no means an exhaustive list either!

What a year it’s been, and what better way to reflect on the news highlights and trends than a countdown chosen by you.

#10: How to set up a seamless Webinar Campaign using Pardot, GoToWebinar and Salesforce

By Marisa Meyers

GoToWebinar is a highly popular webinar tool, but lacks capabilities in invite customization, segmentation and reporting. Webinars aren’t always a breeze to pull off, especially for those of us tasked with launching them – luckily, using Pardot, GoToWebinar, and Salesforce together can eliminate most of your webinar woes. Marisa walks us through in the tutorial

#9: Getting to the bottom of the ‘Do Not Email’ field in Pardot [Infographic]

How can a prospect become unmailable in Pardot? What’s the difference between ‘Do Not Email’ and ‘Prospect Opted Out’ fields in Pardot? If you are confused and not sure how to answer these questions, then look no further than this infographic.

#8: How to Implement Lead Scoring and Lead Activity Tracking in Salesforce and Salesforce Marketing Cloud for the B2B Industry

By Philip Schweizer

Once Marketing Cloud is set up, the fire-power is enormous. One key weapon in the tool set of B2B marketers remains a headache though within Marketing Cloud: lead scoring and website tracking.

Philip offers you 5 options to successfully score and track engaged leads with a combination of Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud.

#7: Salesforce Acquires Rebel, brings ‘Magical’ Interactivity to Email Marketing

This exciting acquisition caught marketer’s attention back in October. Rebel provide a platform for creating “email that doesn’t play by the rules”; emails that deliver interactive experiences, by turning the humble email into an extension of websites or apps. Rebel will join the Salesforce Marketing Cloud suite, empowering customer to send emails with a competitive edge, and stand out in any crowded inbox.

#6: What is the Pardot Lightning App?

The Pardot Lightning App brings Pardot into the Salesforce Lightning interface – another step closer to Salesforce’s single platform vision. I predict that future releases will focus on aligning Pardot with the core platform. Read this quick overview if you are new to Pardot for Lightning.

#5: The Secret to Building a Double Opt-In Mechanism in Pardot

Double opt-in, also known as ‘confirmed opt-in’, ensures that people joining your marketing database are granting you their ‘explicit consent’.  Double opt-in was part of the GDPR preparation, and unfortunately, isn’t automation that comes out of the box – however, you can build your own easily using one overlooked feature.

#4: Pardot Specialist Mock Exam Launch – How to Pass First Time!

The number of Pardot professionals taking their Pardot Specialist exam is quite incredible. This certification is a key milestone in your Marketing Automation career – designed to test your familiarity with the Pardot tool, designing automation, basic troubleshooting, and awareness of the native integrations. Here I shared a few tips on how to pass first time, speaking from my experience with the exam and helping clients prepare for it.

#3: The Salesforce GDPR Sprint: your 30 day wake up call

By Ian Gotts

In part 1 of the Salesforce GDPR Sprint series, Ian confronted the reasons why companies hid their head in the sand, in the months leading up to GDPR. His main message? “GDPR is not a crash diet. It is a lifestyle change”. Ian is a thought leader on Salesforce consent management and data privacy, so I recommend reading the rest of the series too.

#2: A Marketer’s Guide to Salesforce Campaign Influence

I wrote this guide for marketers who may not have worked with Salesforce Campaigns before, or for anyone who wants a refresher! I saw how Salesforce and Pardot Campaigns would be aligned (Connected Campaigns), so thought it was a prime opportunity to begin demystifying Salesforce Campaign Influence!

#1: Salesforce Spring ’18 Updates to help you get GDPR Compliant

This post back in January painted a bleak picture for marketers going into the new year. For months, Salesforce (and Pardot) users had been anxiously biting their fingernails over GDPR especially as how the CRM would support compliance was left to speculation. Spring ’18 bought the Individual Object to us – at the time I was optimistic (that it could be the magic solution), but rapidly became a controversial object as time went on. I will leave you to make your own call on the Individual Object!

We look forward to seeing you next year – stay tuned for another massive year!

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