This is How Much Salesforce Employees Are Paid…

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Salesforce is an impressive company. They pretty much invented the SaaS model, and are the fastest-growing enterprise software company ever. In addition, they consistently get voted one of the best places to work across the globe. It’s rare that you don’t see Salesforce grabbing the #1 spot, or if not they will be in a close 2nd or 3rd.

If you’ve ever been inside a Salesforce office (or Tower…), you will know why. They put a huge emphasis on employee well-being. This doesn’t just include the free snacks and plush offices, but also an emphasis on a work-life balance, physical and mental health. Of course, one part of becoming one of the best places to work is also paying well, and boy do Salesforce pay well. This article includes some of the most common jobs inside of Salesforce with the respective salaries and bonuses.

Salesforce Salaries

These figures have all been sourced from Glassdoor, and we’ve focussed on roles that have more than 20 salary reports, so we can be sure the numbers are pretty accurate. To keep things simple, we’ve used salaries from the USA, but you will find most of these jobs globally, and the salaries and roles will be relative.

Account Executive

Salesforce Account Executives are the Salesforce sales team army and they are charged with managing Salesforce’s 150,000 customers. Account Execs will manage a varying number of accounts depending on the size of the customer, this could range from 50 smaller accounts to a single account like Coca-Cola.

Account Executives are typically paid on a 50% split of annual basic salary, and 50% made up with commission. These are the guys and gals that close the deals.

Job TitleAnnual BasicBonusAverage Total Compensation
Account Executive$80,000$71,000$137,000
Senior Account Executive$120,000$125,000$234,000
Enterprise Account Executive $125,000$130,000$244,000
Strategic Account Executive$137,000$137,000$259,000

Business Development Representative

Business Development Reps, or often abbreviated to BDR’s, are the people responsible for generating Leads for Salesforce. This could come in many forms such as phone calls, email, social networking etc…once BDR’s have a bite, they will qualify the Lead and pass it onto an Account Executive to take them through the full sales cycle and close the deal.

BDR’s are typically paid commission on the qualified Leads they pass over to AE’s, not on the closing of a deal.

Job TitleAnnual BasicBonusAverage Total Compensation

Sales Development Representative

SDR’s and BDR’s can often have interchanging roles from company to company, however, in Salesforce, they are charged with qualifying inbound Leads. These Leads could come from Salesforce’s website, events, or webinars.

SDR’s will qualify the Lead, and then pass it to an Account Executive. Typically you will only find SDRs in the smaller customer segments.

Job TitleAnnual BasicBonusAverage Total Compensation

Solution Engineer

Solution Engineers are Account Executive’s best friends. An AE is in charge of relationship building and actually closing the deal and a Solution Engineer is the technical product expert. They are in charge of gathering the customer’s requirements, digesting the pain points, and creating a fancy demo to show the customer the power of Salesforce.

SE’s are paid a fair chunk of commission as well, but this is usually based on team performance, not individual.

Job TitleAnnual BasicBonusAverage Total Compensation
Solution Engineer$100,000$44,000$138,000
Senior Solution Engineer$122,000$53,000$162,000
Lead Solution Engineer$135,000$60,000$191,000
Principle Solution Engineer$161,000$71,000$224,000

Product Manager

Salesforce has a huge team of Product Managers that all work on different products and features on the platform. Product Managers are responsible for guiding the success of a product or feature, improving and updating it based on customer feedback.

Job TitleAnnual BasicBonusAverage Total Compensation
Product Manager$135,000$16,000$139,000
Senior Product Manager$170,000$25,000$190,000
Director of Product Management$200,000$39,000$228,000

Software Engineer

Salesforce Software Engineers are the people that make it all happen. Working behind the scenes, the Engineers are building, maintaining, and upgrading the platform that we all know and love.

Job TitleAnnual BasicBonusAverage Total Compensation
Software Engineer$123,000$15,000$123,000
Senior Software Engineer$151,000$24,000$158,000
Lead Software Engineer$177,000$30,000$202,000
Principle Software Engineer$214,000$42,000$255,000

QA Engineer

Working alongside Software Engineer’s, Quality Assurance Engineer’s are responsible for testing the Salesforce products.

Job TitleAnnual BasicBonusAverage Total Compensation
QA Engineer$120,000$11,000$127,000

Program Architect

Program Architect’s work with existing Salesforce customers in order to help them maximize their investment with Salesforce. They work in an advisory role where they are tasked to solve their client’s most complex challenges.

Job TitleAnnual BasicBonusAverage Total Compensation
Program Architect$160,000$33,000$162,000
Senior Program Architect$171,000$35,000$171,000


It’s pretty common for Salesforce to hire from within the very ecosystem they have built up. I’ve seen many friends colleagues from AppExchange partners and Salesforce consultancies move to the mothership, and I can’t blame them!

With Salesforce earning the spot of one of the best companies to work for on earth, with salaries that will set you up for life, it can be an easy decision.

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