TIL: Tracking Dynamic URLs in Pardot Emails

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Have you ever needed to add a link to a Pardot email, that’s unique to an individual?

You would typically do this by adding a variable tag to the email body. What this does is pull in the URL value stored in a field on that prospect’s record in Pardot.

Here’s the catch: URLs inserted into Pardot emails as a variable tag need to be treated differently to other URLs – and differently to other variable tags for that matter!

Just adding the dynamic URLs as a variable tag will mean the links are not trackable. When a prospect clicks on the link in the email, it will not show up on your email report, or the prospect’s activity history. Not good.

The way to solve this is to add only the variable part of the link as the variable tag. Let’s use an example of a promo code…

You need to split the link into the core part (that doesn’t change) and the variable part (that changes.) If the unique link is:


Then, the main part is:

-and the variable part is:

Now looking at the back-end.

What your Pardot custom field should contain is the variable part of the link. Let’s call this field “Promo URL Code”

When you go to add the URL to the email, you should add the main part as normal, then select the variable tag reference from the variable tag list:

If it helps, copy and paste these two bits of text outside of Pardot, then paste them into the email builder hyperlink as one.

It’s a simple tweak that prevents you getting caught out further down the line and negatively impacting your CTR reporting.

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