TIL: Page Action Wildcards

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Page Actions are a Pardot feature that, simply, perform an automated action when a Prospect visits a page – you’ll find more detail here and how to work them into your strategy.

Do you have multiple pages you want to apply the same actions/point increase to? There may be a shortcut you can use with Pardot Page Actions.

Take a walk on the wild side: Introducing Wildcards

Wildcards will include any pages that start with the URL you place the wildcard (*) on. It’s best demonstrated with an example:


Will include any pages on your website with a URL that begins like above. Some examples could be:


What this means is that you can create 1 page action to include any of your promo pages, saving time when you add a new seasonal sale, or want to amend your completion actions! All you need to add is the asterisk at the end of the URL, as I’ve shown this in the image below:

Another Example

The example I had this week, was to track visits to a portal log-in page.
Each portal link has a unique ending because the link is unique to the individual – impossible to use page actions without using trusty wildcards!

I’m sure you, too, have other use cases where wildcards have the potential to liven up your page view automation. You’ll find more detail about this understated feature here and how to work them into your strategy.

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