6 Pardot New Year’s Resolutions for 2021

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It’s a very exciting time to be a Pardot marketer. Judging by the product roadmap and more, 2021 is going to be a wild ride for Pardot. Pair this with the feeling that everyone wants to see the back of 2020 and all its misfortunes and swiftly move on to a new year.

Have you put together your new year’s resolutions to seize the opportunities Pardot has to offer? Here is my list of Pardot New Year resolutions, enjoy!

1. Enable the new email experience

The Lightning email builder for Pardot was the most anticipated release of 2020 and promises huge improvements to the way we organise, build, and send emails.

Switching to the new email experience requires you follow a few steps to enable it, and also a mindset change with how email records relate to one another. Finally, be aware that the Lightning builder is not currently at parity with the legacy builder (ie. it’s only for list emails) – so compare its functionality with your requirements first.

2. Organise your campaigns

A classic new year’s resolution that never goes away: your campaign hierarchy. Once you have nailed down how the hierarchy should be structured, next ensure you wrap your head around all the related objects. Marketing asset records can be related to campaigns (landing pages, emails, forms, snippets etc.)

Why am I honing in on this? I’m anticipating ‘Campaign as a Workspace’ – an enhanced campaign user experience that will become the hub for end-to-end campaign management, eg. setting targets, creating assets with the new integrated builders, reporting. The overarching goal is to make campaigns repeatable to boost user productivity.

Get organised now, and reap the benefits of upcoming capabilities. One that comes to mind immediately is campaign deep clone (coming Spring ‘21) enables you to copy a Salesforce campaign and carry across all related marketing assets.

3. Sort out your Scoring

There are two types of prospect scoring: ‘Prospect score’, traditional rules-based that increments with activity, and Einstein Behavior Score, AI-driven which identifies activity patterns that result in conversions (read about the differences here).

My guess is that you fall into one of the following categories:

  • You would like to reevaluate your prospect score model (which is neglected without a proper strategy around how score is used and a lack of guardrails to prevent scores spiraling out of control).
  • You have the budget/need to explore Einstein Behavior Score.
  • You have enabled Einstein Behavior Score and are looking to either incorporate the two side-by-side, or phase out traditional prospect score.

Regardless of which statement you fit into, there is no doubt something related to scoring that will require your attention!

4. Advance your Campaign Attribution

Campaign attribution is a pain point for the majority of marketers, especially with the number of channels per campaign appears to grow!

If inconsistent or missing opportunity contact roles are the issue, then plug those gaps! Check out Einstein Attribution, or if your budget doesn’t stretch then this app will be a saving grace to improve campaign influence accuracy.

Some Pardot pros won’t be waiting for 3rd party vendors to save them from their attribution woes. One respondent enthusiastically reports that they hope to build a custom solution that combines standard Pardot features:

“I’m planning to use Pardot’s Source Campaign, Lead Source, and the conversion point parameters and the GA connector based UTM parameters + B2B analytics for some campaign performance analyses”

Good luck! 🙂

5. Explore Interactive Email

We all know that email is here to stay, with a growing reliance on this timeless marketing channel. Interactive email can give campaigns a boost to both stand out and lead the prospect to take the desired call to action.

Interactive components in email could include countdown timers, tracked add to calendar links, dynamic images, and more (check out Jacob Filipp’s talk from ParDreamin’).

While 3rd party, interactive components are an exciting prediction for the new Lightning builder, you can get started with the examples above, regardless which builder you are using.

6. Mastering B2BMA

Who has had this one on their to-do list? The truth is, B2B Marketing Analytics (B2BMA) involves a learning curve with concepts that are alien to Pardot or Salesforce expertise. The pay-off is huge, with analytics that offers so much power and flexibility.

You may even have B2BMA but never got around to activating it (it’s worth checking!)

Over to you

Now you’ve read my resolutions list, now it’s over to you – what are you going to focus on in 2021?

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